Hi All, especially stage 4s!

Have been on this amazing site for a while, but not too techy! Whilst on the treadmill at P.R. yesterday got chatting to the chap next to me, who turned out to be Puff the Magic Dragon! We had a coffee afterwards and he really pointed me in the right direction, as indeed you all have, So thanks Puff! If we happen to meet next week i'l get him tea though as he was to polite to refuse coffee-which as i found out later he's not a coffee fan! Once again thanks to all for support sympathy help and humour, it has turned my life around. Breathe easy, Thanks and love Sheila Xx

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  • Great news Sheila, I hope the PR course will help you and how lucky you are to meet Puff. Keep in touch.... remember practise makes perfectxxx

  • Thanks Jenss, yes it was lovely, did'nt think i would actually meet a fellow member, better than any celebrity! P.R. going well, must find out how to change user name then i'd post a lot more. Xx

  • Wow that was a coincidence. I would love to meet any member of this site. Keep up the good work. x

  • What you could do is to go to a large city hosp. Esp Brompton. Find your way to the Respiratory Clinic. Take a chair and then place your coat on your lap, thus revealing your BLF T - shirt with a HU badge with your name on it.

    Almost can't fail to get attention. Either a fellow member or your time will be spent signing up new members ;-) Rib

  • Ha ha Rib, i did it the easy way! Xx

  • Thanks Coughalot, 1 day it could happen! P.R. has been brilliant. Xx

  • Thanks cough! Xx

  • Wow, how lucky for you to meet one of the boards VIP members !!! It must have been lovely. x

  • Thanks Casper, it was lovely Xx

  • Puff is a man of many talents. Any advice he gave you should be followed to the letter. :) xx

  • I agree wholeheartedly, even though he is a man!! Whoops Xx

  • Hi Sheila ! I did succumb to a coffee in the end followed by a nice lump of coconut cake !

    I will take you up on the cuppa next week ! :)

    It was a good chat and interesting finding out the differences between us as we are both at Stage 4.

    Thanks for all the nice comments.

  • Great Puff, same time same place. Hope the wife won't mind!! Ha ha Xx

  • My other half was pleased I met another sufferer. Not in a nasty way though ! :)

  • PS Doing the stairs your way now, it works!! Xx

  • Cool. Anything that helps. :)

  • Both at stage 4! And both at the gym - gentleman I salute you :d x

  • Well, no use sitting still. :D

  • Well 1 gentleman and 1 female cough, Its supposed to be good for us, and i do believe its worth it! Xx

  • Ooops sorry :) x

  • Well 1 gentleman and 1 female cough, Its supposed to be good for us, and i do believe its worth it! Xx

  • How lovely to meet someone from here,and for it to be puff who knows his stuff.Your sounding really up beat which is just great to hear Sheila.Onwards and upwards,Blessings to you :) Janexx

  • Thanks Longlungs, i've had a fantastic 6 wks after an awful year, as you say onwards from here! Love Sheila Xx

  • What nice surprise meeting up with another ' groupie '.

    I'd love that to happen, but here in South Linc's it would appear to be highly unlikely.


  • Never say never! They must do P.Rs in your neck of the woods, so if you can give it a go Xx

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