copd and sinusitis

Hi i keep geting a blocked nose making it hard for me to breath though my nose and have had this for some years thinking it was normal and i would try make myself sneeze so to be able to blow my nose to clear it so i could breath better.

It was only looking on this site when i was diagnosed with copd that many people have this same problem but there is a spray you can buy from the chemist that helps unblock your nose.

And so i brought otrivine sinusitis spray and could not beleive how much better i could breath though my nose again.

What i wanted to ask was do you think you get sinusitis because you have copd do you think they go together, because there seems to be a lot of people on this site with copd that have this problem has i had never heard of sinusitis and it was only reading from the helpful careing people on this site that i found out about it.

I also wonder if you can have some sort of operation for this has i seem to be useing this spray most days now


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  • Morning Music,

    Why don't you give us a call on the Helpline, we can arrange for you to have a chat with one of our nurses.

    03000 030 555



    BLF Specialist Adviser

  • Hi music, I for one do believe they do go hand in hand. Only my opinion from experience and what I've read.

    It's similar with gastric reflux, the spores from the stomach overflow AND the spores from the sinuses can escape to the airways causing trouble.

    I've had sinus probs for years. Certain foods exacerbate it, a bit like allergies. I've had a steroid nasal spray for years to help with the blocked-ness. Nasonex from gp.

    Thanks for that tip on Otrovine though, I will try it in difficult times (like now).


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