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Hi everyone,

Hope your all doing well. I was wondering if any of you have an exercise routine you do. If so, what do you do?

~ Ruby ~

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Ruby I wear a breathing mask at night just to keep my airways open as I have sleep apnoa

But to help me re define myself...contours...I have been going to Curves for ladies only and have found that going Mon to Fri has me well organised to enjoy the week ends now I am semi retired. Audrey

Blue22 in reply to Towse1950

What is a breathing mask? I have never heard of this before is it only for folk who are very ill or like you withe sleep a

Towse1950 in reply to Blue22

I really do not know about other conditions I only know my airways need to be kept open when I sleep.

rubyred777 in reply to Towse1950

Hi towse 1950,

Do you have copd also?

Do you live in new Jersey?

~ Ruby ~

Towse1950 in reply to rubyred777

Ruby I only have sleep apnea I live in Jersey UK


Hi Ruby, How great that you are looking for an exercise routine. Over the years I have done most things from yoga through aerobics to fabulous pilates. I don't like doing classes so I get DVDs and do it at home. There is a lovely lady who does yogalates and her DVD is shot over the sea in beautiful Australia. If you would like a gentle start, BLF do their own exercise booklet and you can get it on the website. It has a full routine, lots of hints and builds up steadily. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your exercise.. (I find the DVDs on Amazon)

Hi Ruby. I have severe COPD and I try to do some exercise every day. I went to PR and just do what they showed me. Simple hand and leg weights, wall pushes, step ups, standing from a seated position. I was also doing 10 mins on an exercise bike and 10 mins on treadmill. I'm supposed to work up to 20 mins of each but that's not possible at the moment. I do what I can. Hope this helps.


Replying to your message on exercise, Ruby, I have now bought a Treadmill, and am makeing myself get on it for 10 minutes each day and the speed of 7, and think my breathing has improved.

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Hi carmwoman, i too am buying a treadmill today, been using 1 P.R. Like you i think it can only help! Take care Sheila x

Have you been to pulmonary rehab classes Ruby?

I do the series of exercises at home and they really help. If you haven't done this, ask your doc for a referral. :)

Well what I remember for a few weeks I went ,was to build on muscles,as these deteriorate ,just reall common sense and moving rather than sitting like I did for months. ,getting stiffer and stiffer,my legs,so it's about moving your body,whatever your doing,dancing to music ,tai chi I'm gonna start,so it's all about keeping as healthy as u can.


There are some very good exercises for COPD on YOU TUBE. My husband bought a treadmill and uses that - he was told that walking was a great exercise. Let us know how you get on! Lots of love TAD xx

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Hi Tador, Will look at excercises on YOU TUBE today, also buying a treadmill today, can you please tell me the 1 he went for please? I am stage 4 COPD as i think your hubby is! Take care. Sheila x

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I will have a look when I get home and let you know xxx

Hi Ruby, I do tai chi its good for your breathing and keeps you fit, the movements are not to strenuous and you can stop and start as you see fit. You can download from youtube, and its great fun to learn.

T ♡


Have a look at.


Typical of most pulmonary rehabilitation classes.

I swim - usually about 3 times a week. Gentle exercise but love it.

Hi Ruby, I am 68 and moderate COPD (63%). In April I began doing couch to 5k which a programme you can find on health unlocked. You start with a 5 min warm up walk then a 60 secs jog (slow jog), then 3 min walk then 60 secs jog etc for 30 mins it is a programme that builds up gradually till you are running (or gentle jogging) for the full 30 minutes or 5k whichever you want and you do it 3 times a week with a rest day between. Presently I am on walking for 5 mins, jogging for twenty then walking for 3 mins then jogging for 10 but I don't stick to the programme, I listen to my body and adapt. As it's winter I am doing it on a treadmill but I much prefer to be outside. I very rarely miss a session and if someone had told me back in April when I wheezed my way through those first 60 secs and gasped for breath, that I would be jogging for a full 20 mins (even if it is only at 6.8 on treadmill) I wouldn't have believed it. Sometimes I even do a sprint for 60 seconds!! I really believe that if you don't use it you lose it and as parts of my lungs are damaged I have to make sure the rest of them are as healthy as they can be to support the damaged cells, also we need strength in our leg muscles and a healthy a cardiovascular system as possible. I also do yoga for flexibility and weights for strength as well.

I believe in positive attitude. Don't think you can't do, think you can but build up to it gradually and see your progress. I haven't had a spirometry test for 7 months but I know it will have improved on the 63%, my sleep patterns have improved, I can walk briskly up 2 flights of stairs and I feel fantastic. I'm not saying I will always or that I won't have problems but what I am doing is working for me now.

jackdup in reply to abitfit

Congratulations on the progress you have made as that is very impressive. Please let us know the results of your next spirometry and good luck.

Really great to read such a positive, uplifting post. Thank you.

rubyred777. In a way, i would recommend you talk to your GP or consultant to be referred to a Pulmonary Nurse Team, because the nurse is really fantastically helpful. She can refer you to Pulmonary Rehabilitation where you can be assessed and for 6 weeks with other people who are affected with pulmonary disease do sets of exercises in a circuit. She and usuallly a physiotherapist and some others give excellent advice on how to cope with the illness (drugs, fears, shortness of breath, hyperventilation and so on. This is a great start. They usually ask you at the end of the 6 weeks if you want to join a gym and carry on.

That's what I and others here have done. The good thing about this is that you will then know which sort of exercises you can do to improve your lungs. The good thing about this referral is taht you can always phone the nurse for more advice or if you have a problem (even before you talk subsequently to a doctor)

Also have a look on the NHS "keep well" website and look for "from couch to 5 k". This is a good challenge for anybody. Many people run outside. I do this on the static bike at the gym. There I'm sure to find a loo when I need it! I am in the warmth and light. This too is a great challenge for anybody and is quite safe to start even if you have lung disease. I could talk about other exercises too, but if you start with those, you are well on your way to improve your condition. It will stop the progressive part. (Some research even say that it reverses it) Good luck with al this. Mic

:D i have to be the awkward one ha ha :D

,,but i do, do these exercises at my health lifestyle course each thursday [its not on today] similar to pr course, but this is only once a week and i have learned a lot,,, i have severe copd,[on oxygen] severe ankylosing spondylitis and heart failure. but after loosening up exercises in the morning,

i believe in exercises that completes a job!!!,,

walking,, i,e around a shop to buy something i need.,,,, lifting, trying to bend, stretching.. in my garden, either lifting or planting plants or cutting grass. [theres any amount of exercises you can do in a garden,]

any exercises that i can see a result in , even house work :) i also now believe in exercise limitations, i,e exercise to suit the individual needs,

i am now beginning to learn about the" fight or flight" type of exertion,,, doing too much then being ill for a few days,,, no good.

youll get my drift :) when i was refused my pr group "as they didnt cater for folks like me on oxygen"!! i felt like a leper !! anyway after listening to the physio, "mutton dressed as lamb" :D purple dyed hair, purple lipstick,rings on every finger ,[probably wedding rings :D ] spotless white trainers [hope shes reading this :D ] she bragged "each evening i jog 5 miles" "and thats after my work here" and i replied quite calmly " would you not really be better asking if some local oap needed a loaf of bread or something,,,,,then jogging the 5 miles to asdas and back with the loaf of bread :D [aye,, thats using and the loaf :D]

no offence meant :D :D but i hope she washed her face after that :D and took the plaster off now [the make up ] , i know i'm shocking lol :D ] but can be nice with it lol :D :D

best regards jimmy,,, xxxxx :)

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You're so naughty Jimmy...lol


Love it!! x


Hi Sheila, the treadmill is a Confidence - that's what it says on the front! Does the trick very nicely - good luck xxx

Hi great ideas thanks! I’m buying a foldable e bike today! So excited!

I very recently diagnosed about 20 days still waiting for clinics etc. I’m determined to control it and it not to control me! Thought bike can go in boot of car drive to scenic places use battery when it gets too much or too steep! Drive home! Result!

What you think friends!!?

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