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Hi not been posting but still look and answer some things if i can on here

If you look back at my past posts i was lucky has i went from being diagnosed moderate copd january 2013 to mild copd 14 months later when i had another spirometry lung test april 1st this year 8 months ago and i stoped taking my meds seretide 500 down to 250 so 8 months now and still no meds apart from the blue top has and when that my gp said to keep handy just in case.

So still seem to be doing ok but have just got over a bad cold that lasted 2 weeks but no chest infection and i still get very tired has i seem to have most energy in the mornings and if i am talking i seem to come to the end of my breath sometimes before i have finised my sentence so some of them small things like that is the reason why i think i have mild copd

I still go to the gym 2 times a week ( has im still working part time ) and walk a few miles on the tread mill. and then go for a swim and still not smoking 2 years now, so still seem to be doing ok.

So just wanted to say to people who are new to this COPD and a little scared has i was

please if you can exercise and stop the smoking (if you still smoke) has i have found that it is them 2 things that are most important with this COPD and i found stoping the smoking so hard but glad i did because i know how i feel now.

But must admit i still have a few drinks at the weekends and a burger or fish and chips

so still need to cut that down but then i think what the heck thats what i enjoy and i have done the best thing stopping smoking.

Anyway this post is just about how i have been doing and to let the new people on this site who have just been diagnosed and are little scared that COPD is not a death sentance there is still hope and good living to do just maybe a bit slower.

Keep active every one

good luck

best wishes


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Hi music glad all is still going well for u, the odd hiccup which is normal daily life ain't bad, and it's fantastic u went from moderate to mild, good role model for other people who have being diagnosed with copd that with a few life changes : ie : pack up smoking , exercise and occasional fish and chips lol does work if caught in time and changes made, so good for u, keep it up and take care x Sonia x

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Lovely to hear from you and hear how well you are doing. Fantastic - keep up the good work. lots of love TAD xx


Hi Music, thank you for such a positive post! I am so pleased that you are doing well and hope I will be writing an encouraging post to newcomers in a year or two! Best wishes, Xris


Hi Music

I have really enjoyed and am inspired by reading your post. Someone newly diagnosed like me often read to much on the net and panic and dread sets in. Whilst I fully understand that the illness is different for everybody, by following the correct path has clearly worked for you and I am hoping and praying that I will have the same result. Thank you for posting :)


Brilliant positive post music, great to see someone doing well and its all down to doing the right things to help yourself. Bravo!!!! :)



Glad you've got the good news - That is exactly what I was told by the Dr who diagnosed me 4 months back - I've got mild COPD but immediately stopped smoking and started walking. Specialist told me that my next test will probably not even show that I've got it as they always find that when a person stop smoking and start exercising recover some of the lost functionality.

I know you guys say it is not the same for everybody but the Dr showed me studies done lately that all confirm that one's lungs will age the same as anybody else's if one remove the danger factors and stay in shape. I hold on to that thought, and its summer time and almost holiday time so nice long walks on the beach in a weeks time - hope your winter is not too cold.


Hello Music,it,s good you,re positive for the newer members,because they are sometimes reticent to post hopefully they see this and feel more relaxed.By the way a little of what you fancy does you good,I relish the occasional fish and chips.lolGood luck,regards D.


Thanks for that......I take the least meds I can,if I can manage without I do,atomiser and a few puffs of oxy ,rescue inhalor ,fostair inhalor ,that's it ,I can manage just about, no antibiotics ,(waste of time for virus) or steroids , I found those two things very unpleasant and bad for my health,so I stick with that for now. Managing very well.


Hi colours23

I sometimes think that exercise if you can is better then some drugs sometimes and i would always follow my gp instructions but often wonder that sometimes it seems your in and out of the surgery so fast its yes ok take these tablets come back if not better .... NEXT


Thanks you made me realize exersize yea,I get it by going out and walking round the food shop and generally clean wash be active.i must try to motivate myself to do the other kind. So always moving around is good.


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