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Chest xray, results at last.

Two weeks ago I posted saying sometimes when I cough I bring up some blood.

I took all your kind advice and made an appointment for my doctor. He sent me for a chest x-ray, he called me today and said the x-ray was fine, there is nothing to report and nothing suspicious especially no sign of any lung nodules.

I didn't have a clue what he was talking about when he mentioned 'lung nodules' until he explained it to me. I was shocked to learn about these lung nodules. Thank god I got the all clear and thank you for your support in this.

I still get this horrible nasal smell, think its blocked sinuses, smells and tasks like smoke? that I can live with though.


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That's good 1968, it's put your mind at rest. My sinus' have started playing up because I have the central heating on now it's got much colder and it always causes me a blocked nose and a headache not unlike a hangover. My nasal spray usually unblocks it, not long after I use it. x


Oh that's good news I am so pleased for you. Best to be safe than sorry isn't it? And at least it has put your mind at rest. Hugs x


Hi pleased to hear your X-ray was good ......you could try a nasal rinse such as Neilmed which you can buy from Boots chemist I find it helps clear mucus and keeps the nasal passages clean


Whoop good news David, least that's one thing less to worry about. I know everyone's different but I'm not a fan of nasal sprays, but there plenty out there that people recommend like beconase, otrivine, things like that or sudafed tablets for congestion and sinus's. Anyway take care x Sonia x

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Good news David. . I hope it will stay as it is. Take care.x


HURRAH! So pleased to hear the good news. TAD xxx


Great to hear some good news, such a relief for you.

Take care

polly xx


Second the Neilmed - its not drugs its a isotonic (same acidity and salt as your core water/blood) saline nasal wash. Brilliant, follow instuctions - bit weird first time, but no pain, no burn, no sting.


I don't use this particular nasal spray but one much like it; in fact, the more 'natural' and pure saline the better and less damaging to one's nasal passages....; chemicals are no good.


That's good news 1968, at least you know there is nothing too bad going on inside. Now you can concentrate on relieving what symptoms you have got and hope no more pop up. take care and look after your health


Good news David and wishing you well for the future too. xxx


thats great news david,, it most certainly does alleviate any real worry.

best wishes jimmy :)


Sorry I'm late to the party, but absolutely brilliant news.

Kim xxx


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