hiya sorry to be on here moaning again I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis a few months ago and have a nasty chest infecton at the moment but at long last getting on the right treatment. Had [roblems with my eyes for ages which I had an mri scan for to be told today I have M.S. Gutted at only 37 to have 2 diagnoses like this and wonder what life holds for me as a mum of 4. My apologies once again xx

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  • Don't despair. There are treatments that can help you. The main thing is not to give up. I will be thinking of you. Where there's life there's hope. x

  • Claire, you are SO entitled to have a mega moan. My advice is to contact the appropriate forums for your health. It is good to talk and unload, so that you can cope with what life throws at you. Good that you came here - so many nice people who will help and advise, people who have been in the same situation. Me, I have bronchiectasis, asthma etc but to be given MS as well is so unfair but I feel with advice and support, that you could be given coping powers. Please dont apologise. Keep in touch and talk whenever you feel down. Big hugs pergola xxx

  • Omg Claire I am so sorry and I agree you are entitled to moan. Come in anytime and vent and I promise you there will be folk here to listen and support you all we can. Don't forget there are new treatments available now that weren't years ago so I am sure you have many years yet. Lots of hugs x

  • Don't apologise Clair, you have every right to be shocked at being hit with more bad news. I'm no expert on MS but, I do have a friend that has had it for donkeys years and it doesn't seem to have too much impact on her life. She can dance the night away like a teenager and she's well over 60.

    You moan all you like, we're here for you. x

  • Oh Claire what a blow for you i am so sorry, but with you feeling poorly right now you cannot see past this diagnosis,try and stay positive my thoughts and prayers will be with you. With the right support you will be able to face this illness love to you and god bless x

  • Hi Clare, keep in touch with everyone on this site as they are a godsend. I have bronchie and emphysema and survived the cancer journey as well, I send my love to you, all will be well. LeeLee. Xxx

  • Hi Claire, no apologies necessary - i really feel for you, what a blow on top of your other diagnoses. If it were me i would be getting in touch with the MS Society (think that's what they are called) to see what you need to do to get the best treatment possible. Some forms of MS are relatively mild - i have a friend who has had it for years and years. She has a limp and gets tired and those things have got a bit worse over time but she's in her 60s now and life is OK. Might also be worth getting in touch with the BLF helpline for advice about any impact MS might have on your lung conditions.

    Very best of luck.

  • Hi Claire, u have a bloomin good moan two diagnosis's is a lot to take in, being angry, confused, upset and even scared is a normal reaction, the good news is both bronchi and MS are not curable ( YET ) but are manageable with the correct treatment. My sister in law has MS and apart from feeling tired occasionally ( but don't we all ) she still works, the first one up dancing at a party, she has her bad days but isn't that life in general, ur a strong lady , u must be, u've got four kids lol ( I have too ) being supermom is great but ur only human and bad feelings can take over, find out all u can, all ur options on treatments and like O2 said call the MS society there is lots of help available, and u've got us lot. We can't treat u but we can support u. U take care x Sonia x

  • Hi Claire, so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis I too have MS and Bronchiectasis, i was siagnosed with MS first starting with my eyes also (optic neuritis) i have had MS since 1998 and have relapses but recover after rest or eteroid treatment, i retired on ill health in 2000 due to fact i could not see well and getting very tired, now i am 60yrs and apart from using a stick outdoors i am still chest condition was diagnosed about 8 yrs ago after many chest infections so damage to lungs had already been done. It is hard living with both conditions as one affects the other, i am just recovering from relapse of both conditions after having my flu jab so been quite poorly but got lots of support from aMS Nurse Dr and Neuroligist, now improving. The main thing is there are people out there ready to help you with benifits work children and health. As well as this site the MS society has a local branch in each area as well as the National help line all on the Web.

    Good luck you will be fine (sorry about spelling curser would not move)


  • Actually I think you have every right to moan!!! I care for my husband who has severe COPD so not the same lung condition - though he is still here 12 years later just a bit slower than others. You are the same age as my friends husband who was diagnosed with MS and I am really pleased to report that he has not seen a massive deterioration. In fact he still works full time renovating houses. ( He has found that removing gluten from his diet has had quite a dramatic effect and he can feel the difference if he does eat gluten.)

    I would advise you to be as proactive as possible and find as much out as you can - that way you can help yourself too. Have you been in touch with the BLF helpline - they might be able to help you and give you advise. Also I believe there is an MS society.

    I cant tell you what life holds for you but I can tell you that you are lucky to have four children and you need to hold that dear to your heart. You have been dealt a pretty rough hand and you are allowed to moan, but there is hope! Take good care of yourself, with lots of love TAD xxx

  • Hi Claire, I'm so sorry to hear your news. God it must be tough for you. I know here on the BLF there is a helpline, BLF is attached to Healthunlocked which may also have an MS forum. If so, there will hopefully be a help line attached too.

    The BLF helpline number is: 03000 030555 they are brilliant and you're quite entitled to ring them with your bronchiectasis. They have have experts on lung issues plus counsellors and benefits advice. No harm in ringing for guidence.

    I wish you all the very best Claire. Thinking of you. Peege xx

  • Oh my goodness, Claire, you have every right to moan. It must be a great shock to you and it will take time to get your head around it, but you will and look back in a few weeks and see how much better you feel about everything. At the moment try to take on board all the responses you have had so far and in this way you will begin to understand each problem. I have bronchi but no idea about m.s. so I would say to ask your doctor to explain everything to you and maybe work out a health plan together. Don't be afraid to nag and keep on till you get an answer to every query you have, even if you need to ask something different eac.h week. At the moment everything is so new to you it will all seem such a mountain to climb. Knowledge will help you to understand your body and do what is best for you, but don't try to learn it all at once. One step at a time. Take care and have a moan whenever you want to. Will be thinking of you, best wishes barnowl

  • thank you so much to all of you for all the lovely responses on here, it sure has helped. very slowly starting to get my head round things by reading all the lovely comments Thank you claire xxx

  • oh honey my heart goes out to you

    i have COPD and bronchiectasis and hoping for a double lung transplant and so often i have thought how i would have coped if my children were still young and the answer is , i would have learned to cope just like us mothers do because thats what we do best.

    I dont know anything about ms but what i do know is you are going to need lots of support and i honestly think you wont go to far wrong to ask for emotional support on here there are some amazing people on this site .......but you need people around you so chat with your gp and your nurse and your ot and every single person you can think of to get some support in place

    mandy x

  • hi claire what an awful worry,,i really do feel for you , the best thing to do IS moan,,, especially on here,,, as the folks here are so understanding, sometimes when you get a "good moan" over with, you can move on,,

    but as grannybell says in the first post on this thread, never ever despair!!, there are many treatments available.

    you are probably made worse by that nasty chest infection, hopefully that is clearing now. but never be afraid to vent your feelings on here,

    there are many good posts on your thread,and you can have many friends as you want on this site, i pray for you my lovely,,, keep strong, dig in, and you will overcome many obstacles, hard as they are,

    i send my kindest wishes,, most sincerely love jimmy xxxx

  • Moan away you have every right. I really hope we can be a support to you,

    Kim xxx

  • It's tough out there and I so feel for you Claire, but I go along with joining a forum where MS is THE topic.

    I too have known several people, including one of my doctors, with MS and it seems to have impacted on them no more than polymyalgia (as an example) - I know they have steroids etc. but am not really that familiar with it. The good news is that there is massive research going on into that and other neurological conditions at the moment, so fingers crossed. You can moan away here any time - you're entitled to.

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