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mobs fight in supermarket

I have seen some shocking sights on tv in the past week...people dying from Ebola....children dying in Syria but nothing prepared me for the sight of mobs fighting and hitting each other and stomping over each other when they fell to the floor in ASDA .......

yeah ASDA supermarket...people fighting over televisions ....they should be ashamed of themselves it make me feel ashamed that so many people want to live here and have what we have and the worse thing is we are probably all viewed the same as those yobs !!!!! you will never see me doing something like that ..not ever !!!!

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Hi Mandy,

I agree with you completely. It was truly shocking to see so called civilised people behaving like a baying mob of hooligans. Sadly, like a lot of behaviour and events these days, it is all down to money. I know very well, times are hard, but that is no reason to resort to this type of behaviour.

Most of us on here, realise that there are far more important things to worry about, than material items and saving a few pounds.

You just need to check out the Unicef site, to name but one, to realise what is happening out there.

Hope you are ok Mandy, and doing as you are told!! lol

hugs from Huggs xxxx

January sales in the past used to get just as bad alas.

What a materialist culture we live in. It is shocking, and right that we have reason to know the importance of other things. Paraphrasing Karl Marx, retail therapy is the opiate of the people. No wonder the NHS is being cut to pieces without anyone (well most people) seeming to know or care.

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Karl Marx never ever said that.

One of the more frequently quoted statements of Karl Marx is Religion is the opium of the people (google). As i said, paraphrasing.

I was horrified to see those people fighting over TVs etc. They lost their personalities and all looked the same, behaving like animals. For goodness sake, they probably have good tvs at home. Or most of them.

animals is just what i thought when i was watching....for a television its unbelieable

Absolutely .i feel exactly the same I didn't know it would think ...Stay away!to think the way some people act is desparation and greed ,it's very sad ,but we live in a age of corruption ,rife with negative power!

oh you are so right and those people are so desperate for a tv they hit each other for it......when will this negative power turn around because it must at some point

i taught my kids not to lie and cheat and hurt people but the world shows them its the right thing to do

Yes Mandy. Shameful!! Where strength and bully tactics win and the brute gets the prize!

Total lack of decency and a lovely example for their children!

Hopefully they will feel some sense of shame when they see themselves on TV. showing their baser instincts.

We all love a bargain. But to behave like that to get it!!!

Not seen anything like that before in this country.

Asda can surely take a lot of the blame. They were very naive or just plain stupid not to have decent crowd control.



I had the same thought Sara, will they be shamed and mortified to see themselves on the news?

Hi sis, disgusting behaviour, although I did laugh at the elderly couple dragging each other round the shop ( sorry I thought it was quite funny ) but as a whole crazy behaviour . X Sonia x

my daughter laughed at it but only because she had just bought one for 40 quid more than them and it was a smart tv

to be honest it all makes me very uneasy i think we are living in a wicked world

Think that's what made me laugh, such strange behaviour over something that is old and not selling anymore so they get rid mention sake and people think it a great deal but like ur daughter for £40 quid more u could of had a better one, not that I'm knocking getting a bargain I'm all for that but at what cost . X Sonia x

i dont know if its my age or what but i would never even queue for a sale never mind behave like that

I am 70 yrs young and never been to a sale,and have no desire to do so,and as for standing in a queue for hours, for anything less than survival, never, and not all sale items are great bargains.

Oh, I know I harp on about the war, but we used to have to queue for HOURS to get food in London, but absolutely no one pushed in, no one was rude and we were grateful for anything we got. I know the comparison is way out of date, but it seems the more people have the more they want and it just doesn't make sense to me.....ah well, I'm ancient after all :)

its not just about money though is it or maybe it is because i dont know where the attitude people have where they value things more than people

as for you being ancient well none of us would be here if it wasnt for older generations and im sure there were many a man who fought for our freedom sat watching those scenes and asked themselves why x

Very scary reminded me of those terrible riots we had not so long ago. :) Janexx

I agree. It is ridiculous isn't it? I would sacrifice all tv's if it would stop the dreadful ebola and stop kiddies round the world (and adults) dying from preventable causes. x

I was in my Tesco Express one day at 6pm which is when they reduce use by date items to a quarter price. It was great to get a bargain but the assistant told me the same people come in every day especially to get them. I am sure I am poorer than a lot of them but I would never demean myself to be that desperate!

I think the same way when I see folk clearing the reduced items and taking as many as they can and think there should be a limit coz they are so greedy there is nothing left for anyone else! x

I have worked in retail for years and some of the things I've seen are mind boggling I've been stood on whilst trying to stock shelves,I've been called names and insulted it's as if these people are high on something,I tend now to avoid shopping at sale time I would rather do without.

me too Jean - its always been the mind set when sales happen.

The ' give ' has all its just ' take take take '.

Sorry to say this ,but so much of the fads / fancies / and crazes come from the USA. and pushed hard by advertising salesmen.

We are all told we should have everything

There's no more waiting, and saving, or come to that queuing.

Back in the 60's at sales we stood in line waiting for doors to open, there was always a rush but nothing like thus disgusting behaviour for items which are of no necessity. My mum waited in line for undies.

But standard in general have dropped, everywhere you look, in schools

In health. In stores, in the family.

Sorry for going on a bit, but it makes me sad & mad to see all these changes, and in some ways rather pleased I have experienced better times.



I think these people think that having the TV or coffee machine will make them happy. That they are aspiring to these things as they are told by the media that to be a happy functioning person they need these goods. It will enrich their lives. Buy this= Happiness. It is a story manufacturers,capitalism etc sell to make the economy carry on ticking over. The thing is that materialism doesn't make you feel better or create a whole person if you have some inner emptiness.

I wonder if they reflect on how they treated others in those stores, my guess is many didn't.

Merry Christmas eh?

S x

I read that a staff member at Walmart (a disgraceful US company that does not even pay its workers a living wage) died after being trampled on Black Friday - certainly a black day for their family and the whole thing is a massive hype - it turns out that many of the 'deals' were not such great deals after all as the stores had put the prices up just before then pretended to slash them (to what they were before the rise) on the F

that was what my daughter said and that they are old still in shock over it all and how it happened in so many places..

So sad that so many people so easily appear to be reduced to such credulous mindless consumers - just as the powers that be want - if you can fool them and work them up to a frenzy on trivial issues like shopping then it is frightening to think what more serious issues you can deceive them on and what a frenzy of bigotry and hatred you can illicit - you only have to look at the rise of a certain right wing party in the UK to see the results......

well put and its amazing how nobody can see what they are being turned into...its a wicked world right now

Hi Mandy,greed and selfishness,promoted by this government( and practised by them) is shocking.The poor fighting over televisions and the rich moaning about a mansion tax they can easily afford.Makes me vomit!Hope you are happy and healthy,regards D.

im well and i hope you are too and agree with all you said x

Queuing for Televisions? It looked more like an electrical orgy to me.

In the old days we had at least a little taste and decorum even if the end result was only for a pound of whale meat sausages.

i know its unbelievable i wouldnt stand and queue and fight people for a tv even if it were free

we are living in a terrible era where people are famous for behaving badly and teenagers are having plastic surgery to look perfect and i think the sights on those mobs is going to be a common occurrence now

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