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pip awarded

well after a long hard fight the letter came this morning...

i didn't have to endure a medical or home visit after i got a letter from doctor to confirm wot they already know and have done for years lol...

moderately server copd/emphysema with depression and the lovely panic attacks that come as standard with anxiety....

so the 3 year award is enhanced care & again standard mobility which i had under the old dla system.

so a wee upgrade to enhanced care is brill plus the standard mobility is great as i will get bus pass again without going down the mental health route ie depression.

i hope everyone is as lucky with there pip as i have been.

i was on low rate mobility under dla so im not sure i will get anything back dated from may 2014 & my old dla was up in oct 2014 but they paid that out till the award of pip so not sure although i believe my esa will go up so need to wait & see.

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Good news, really pleased for you. Must feel like a weight has been lifted. Lots of love TAD xx

Yes big relief i was so shocked that they just accepted my claim form information and I didn't have to go for a medical or any further information i needed to submit towards my claim .

lets hope after the change in the dwp when the Tories took power & the dwp made it very difficult to be successful & it takes at least 12-18mths for the process to be completed. What caused a huge back log and appealing was a must as all claims were refused on 1st attempt to get PIP. Has finally changed with my claim being successful with out appeal process or having to attend countless medicals ect ECT and genuine claimants will get awarded PIP asap after dwp receive their application. I really do hope that dwp has realised that there are people trying to scam the system with false claims but not every single claim has to be analyzed from a-z to make sure its not a false claim as that is what it is really about weeding out the false to genuine hence the reason why you waiting so long to process a claim for PIP & others are as lucky as i was.

I do believe the fact i used a agency to help me with the claim & filled in the application form did make a massive difference than me just filling it in so i would say to everyone who wants to apply to enlist in the services like cizten advice office or Shelter as they know & understand the law requires to DWP claims better than we do.

Grrrrrrrreat - will also give hope to others in your situation :)

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Great to hear some good news. :-)

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Thankyou and hopefully it will give other hope whilst they are waiting to hear if they are successful.

Very happy days Roger,How sweet life can be sometimes.A hugh relief for you good game. Blessings breath easy :) Janexx

Yes breathing is a lot easier now lol thanks Jane lol

yes it is a strain off my mind as that atos have not got a clue !

I hope others are as lucky as ive been as 3 years is a good run also although id have thought maybe a 5 or 10 year award as it is a progressive illness we all have but im happy to get something plus I found out today that my esa will also go up by £61.10 a week also due to the higher care rate so handy although all this will not be back dated as that's all stopped now plus first payment of this pip is always only for 3 weeks so please all take this in mind so no booking Caribbean trips when you get an award lmao....

well everyone talk soon...

bye for now


Well done

thank you all !

yes it lifted the cloud for a bit although its not about the money as id hand it back to be able to do wot I could even if only for a few hours as that's worth much more in my eyes....

im sure we all would.

Hi Roger

glad to hear that I wasn't the only person who got a shock after waiting nearly a year just to receive a confirmation of my claim for PIP ....I had tried to get dla 2 or 3 times in the past 5yrs only for the dwp to come along and shut my esa claim down for stupid reasons so it ended up putting me off trying again as getting your claim back up used to take min 8 week, ,,, so after years I thought try under the new rules ....was expecting a fight on my hands going for the medical blah blah blah blah. ?.

lol I nearly fell off chair wwhen I opened a letter out of the blue. ?..

saying that I had met yhe requirements for pip at enhanced rates for both components of pip award

was a lovely day spending spree I had for the back dated money was in my account in 2days but u got me thinking about a Caribbean cruise lol

so let's hope that other people will be as fortune as we both have!!

Have a good day Roger and always keep sunny side up lad :)

oh good you got ur award also.

its a shame it aint back dated as they kept paying me lower rate mobility on dla so it stops back dating.

well done & merry Christmas.

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