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Good Morning

Well Its time to get organised. We start our Christmas travels Wednesday. Off to Southampton Wednesday to spend a week with my daughter & the children. Then to Kent for a week to my other caught & family . Then Brugge, Epernay, Paris arriving in Tours to spend Christmas with my son & his family. Exciting hey. Thank God Im feeling better. Best wishes to all for a good day

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Thank god you are feeling better! More than exciting - absolutely fab. Enjoy every minute and remember to look after yourself - keep lots of anti-bac gel in your handbag!!! Have the best time, lots of love TAD xx

Thank you Tad. I will there will be lots of space for relaxing. Thats a great tip

WOW! Fabulous - lucky you! Have a ball :)

That sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you are feeling well and can enjoy it all. That's quite some journeying you'll be doing, so take it easy when you can to keep up your strength. Then, as Louisiana says, have a ball!

Happy Christmas!! :-)

Thank you.

Well done and have a fab. time. The nearest I get to Southampton is the hospital. Give me strength from that one. xxx

Oh wow sounds brill wishing you peace and joy for Xmas and a happy healthy New Year. :) Janexx

thank you. I should be able to keep in touch though not as often. Hope you have a lovely Christmas & Happy new year ☺

Brilliant. Bon Voyage and have a wonderful time :)

Thank you ☺

You lucky so & so. The furthest I can afford to go is the local Tescos' - that's my weekly outing. Enjoy. XX

I know I am and I really enjoy and appreciate. I will send lots of posts,photos (if I can figure out how to do it) & keep you all qithme in my heart. ☺

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