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Is it just me, or does anyone else think that hens eggs are getting smaller and smaller? Years ago eggs were BIG, now when it says "large" on the box they look about the size of pigeon eggs - while the even smaller ones are sooooo small they rattle around in the box! I Where have all the "double" yolkers gone? I was told that they all get sent to the bakers now! Why? Are we not allowed to have the pleasure of a double (or even a triple) yolk egg?

That's my gripe for today. Lol

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Ha ha I agree totally x

I totally agree!!!! xx

Hi Nikkers,

LOL My point eggactly!! Couldn't agree more. ha ha

hugs from Huggs xxx

we get our eggs from the farm shop,they are a lot bigger and have had a few double yolkers

Nikkers...your post made me chuckle cos it's no more than what I've been pondering for a period of some time...not much gets past us, eh!

Many years ago I used to sell eggs from a farm shop...that's when large were large and the hens were proud of it :D Even the small ones were bigger than the large ones we get fobbed off with today. And yes, if you were lucky you'd get a couple of double yolkers thrown in :)

Many years ago when I lived in Bognor Regis, there was a little shop which was run by 2 brothers. The eggs we got from there were massive and 11 of 12 could almost be guaranteed to be doubles. If the shop were still there, I'd still make the journey just for those eggs!

How funny nikkers,your not wrong especially the supermarkets.My butcher has some real beauts I have to say they cost alot more mind but out of a doz I probably see 8 dble yolkers was well impressed.Ive never had a triple.Breathe easy blessings :) Janexx

I think I'd better start shopping elsewhere for my eggs after all the comments I received? That's the trouble with supermarkets, they're just too convenient! XX

I agree totally - I thought it was my eyesight!

We only buy free range from the farm shops and they are beautiful, large, golden yellow and frequently double yokers. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.

we have chickens, we always have had them .... they cost £1 each. they free-range & the eggs are wonderful. 6 chickens @ £1 each equals the cost of 2-dozen rubbish eggs ....... we get 240 eggs per year from each chicken ..... that averages out at 4 eggs a day ...... for 3-years.

It's a no-brainer ...... & that's without going into the health implications of the dyes & the hormones & the antibiotics mixed in the corn fed to commercial chickens.

So it's not just me!! "Medium" on a box of supermarket eggs means you need half a dozen in one omelette

and "Large" means I have to put a bit of kitchen roll in the egg-cup when I boil them or they'd be lost to sight. Those egg-cups were made when eggs were eggs and cooks were glad of them! I get mine in the corner shop now and he gets them from the farm - delish!

Gotta find my nearest farm shop. I can't stand these dinky little eggs any longer. Thanks everyone for your comments. X

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