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Pain relief

Hello all

Just wondering if anyone else suffers from pain due to their bronchiectasis? I have a lot of pain at the moment around my right hand side just under the armpit. Also intermittent pain under the ribs, where the gall bladder lives. Had a scan and the gallbladder and other organs were fine. I'm not sure if this is to be expected with the condition or if I need to have it investigated further..

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The lung itself is devoid of pain receptors so the theory goes anything happening in the lung you do not feel however this does not discount the pleural cavities (the sacs the lungs lie in) but most pain as you describe will be muscular pain see your doctor as a matter of urgency if you do not have a rescue pack sounds as if an infection is taking root.

Good morning Lollybre33,

We have a couple of nurses on the helpline this morning, why don't you give us a call and we can arrange for someone to have a chat with you about your symptoms.

Our number is 03000 030 555.



BLF adviser

I get pain sometimes with my bronchiectasis. It is included in the symptoms. I also cough up blood sometimes which is a rarer symptom. I take codeine and paracetamol or Paramol if it's bad. CNt take ibuprophen because it thins the blood. with me it doesn't necessarily mean an infection, unless with a temperature and feeling generally unwell. It's so difficult to decide whether to take the antibiotics or not.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I've had this pain for about a year now, hence the ultrasound investigations. It seems particularly bad at the moment though, I'm currently on antibiotics and don't feel particularly unwell. I also don't have any problems breathing and so on.

The only pain i used to get was over the abdomen and the rib cage - too much coughing and wretching.

I did have severe pain from armpit to just above my waist. So bad I couldn't walk. Eventually diagnosed with discitis and pneumonia and weeks later emphysema. Six years later diagnosis of bronchs. But didn't have the same pain then, just continual infections.Seems so like what I had originally but haven't had it like that since. Pain is such a funny thing but all I can say is that it is telling you something is not quite right, so maybe strip to the g.p. would bevabke to help you, best wishes barnowl

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