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Hiya bit of a long one,best make a cuppa n'sarnie oooer! :) Sorry peeps you know me can be a gas bag.A catch-up on this ere journey im on !

They say I'm very severe!

Cheers doc you've made that very clear!

And theres no more to be done!

Happy soul my doc spoiling my fun!



Thats just how it is, whoopi doo! Too me this is a challenge,how very dare they tell me this negativity!!! :P

Several weeks back in apost I mentioned how I was looking for something and had come across Buddhism and meditation and that it was ticking my boxes.Well I've travelled the world in eighty days! Have read loads and listened to lots.Its only been 2-3 months so Iam by no means an expert in any of this,I only know what makes sense to me.Iam happy to say so far so good :) Here is a list of what I'm focusing on:-

MEDITATION--- Highly recommend

MINDFULNESS----Highly recommend

TEN MINDFUL MOVEMENTS---Highly recommend

YOGA ---Highly recommend

DIET---- Highly recommend

I have considered,contemplated and concluded that what Iam doing is a good thing.Already things are improving for me and with more practice and understanding can only get better and none of it can harm me,so a winning formula for me :)


I do this everyday Ive absolutely no idea Im doing it right but Im doing it anyway.I see this as my treat of the day because the feeling of calm,peace,joy and feeling refreshed and alive is such a good feeling afterwards.Also the breathing technique is good to practice helps you to really relax,especially the shoulders which mine automatically are hunched up round my earoles,being more aware of yourself gives you the choice to make change or not.Starting the meditation with focus on the breathing my shoulders are coming down far more easily and staying down.I know the resp nurses are always saying bring your shoulders down Jane,means we breathe better and correctly when they are down getting that lovely air down to the very bottom of our lungs,and in my case my lungs are very bliddy long!It is quite strange sometimes during the meditation my eyes always closed I get bright colours green ,bluey and orange? also heat around my head.Something that is strange your think Im going potty :D but I get black and white images of faces some of which I know and others that I dont!!?? oooo lol.


Gosh this is massive! If only we all practiced this,the world would be a better place.To be mindful of what and how we say things being thoughtful to whom we speak even if we are disagreeing.To care to listen properly no more lip service.Be thankful and grateful for what we have to enjoy nature and appreciate all beings.This is not difficult and gives lots of pleasure in an instant.As I say Im still learning and have a long ways to go.In trying these practices, forces you to check yourself out looking at your bare bones so to speak.When I started to listen to what I say have found that the use of the word' hate' is said quite alot also I am such a critic and fairly judgemental .Iam working on all these things and correcting myself all day long,"thats not very nice Jane how could you have said that better and differently?" bad habits eh? cos I dont really hate anything (maybe sprouts ) lol and who am I to judge!Looking at yourself although very cathartic can be painful.This has reared some past memories that I had forgotten and hidden well,to revisit these has caused the waterfalls to flow and at one point thought this would destroy me! But I have learned I cannot change the past I have looked at it and accept it is part of my history but have now let that go,it has no relevance to here today.Does feel like a weight has been lifted so this helps the feel good factor loads.Also nothing is forever, everything is changing and on the move all the time so enjoy the now this moment,breathe slowly and smile.Of course we have upsetting moments we suffer loss sometimes feel pain even anger but with mindfulness and meditation as tools I feel for me coping will be an easier task now.Sharing and caring,to be compassionate and to love they all go hand in hand.It just makes absolute sense to me.I will always be practicing this now ,this is so beneficial not only to me but my family and all Iam in contact with.My children have grown up with me and my ways ,which I hope to change for them to also learn a better way of being.This is very important to me. :)


This takes 14-15 mins a day.There are ten slow movements you breathe in for half of the movement and breathe out for the second half of the movement.My breath control is not perfect and to the teachers one breath Im taking 4-5-6 extra breaths depending on the movement,but I really think I shall master these in a little while.what do they say "no pain no gain !!" Well I got the pain bit at the min hoping the the gain will be along shortly :P .


I thought this was all about getting your body into all sorts of strange positions.Well there is that side to it but its also about a way of living your life in a more holistic fashion ,mindfulness ,diet,breathing exercises meditation.Again it all makes sense and fits snuggly with everything else here.Not all the breathing exercises are for us who have lung diseases but there are some.Best check with a Yogic teacher first me thinks. :)


Vegetarian,Vegan,Raw :( ,meat,vedic diet with this you do a very indepth questionair where your type of dosha is worked out for you on your body and mind and the types of food that is suited to you,mine was Pitta/Vata mainly Vata,Iwas told what would be best for my body gentle yoga,self massage,deep breaths throughout the day.3 meals aday sweet,sour and salty.Drink relaxing tea.Then went on to tell me to meditate twice daily,look for oppotunities to create,go to bed and get up at the same time daily,wear relaxing fragrances and diffuse fragrances into my enviroment.Listen to relaxing music to calm Vata down?Favour pastel shades and earth tones in enviroment.Minimize reading tv eating before bed.Interesting or what they got my number :) .I havnt implemented any of this yet.Focusing on the other stuff first then will address my diet,I do feel drawn to the vedic diet though.

So there we have it.I do feel generally better more relaxed even peaceful and smiling more.My breathing has improved aswell ,I used to be sucking on ventolin all the time now 4-6 hourly that is major for me.I put this down to breathing exerscises being calmer and a lot less anxious.I heard a doctor talking the other day saying that each of us have all diseases inside us dormant and that stress can bring these to manifest themselves.According to the powers that be ,90% of us suffer with stress without realising for some and this manifests in us with all sorts of health issues to a lesser or greater extent.I do believe in our own abilities to help heal ourselves with our own energy,we have all heard of people curing themselves of cancer etc etc.We are all learning always Iam choosing to open up my channels and see what happens,nothing will be lost but everything to gain.

I can only comment for me some might well think this is a load of old hogwash and I really get that.A while back I might've thought the same.

Im due my 6mthly LFT on wednesday and have decided I dont need to know the numbers.I only found out what they were last year after having this disease for over 20 yrs and it had a negative impact on me.I know they've said end stage horrid way of saying it.Well I dont feel anything like end stage let me tell you,theres alot of living in this old dog yet :D

Iam alive and breathing very well as it happens and for that iam truly grateful.

WAKEY WAKEY its morning lol

If anybody got this far thank-you for listening and bless you.

Tis all for now

Breathe easy

Be happy

:) :) :)


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Thank you for taking the time to write your latest post, I will have to read it again to fully digest it.

I went on a Mindfullness course for people with long term health problems, and also meditate and do yoga ....I find them all vey helpful but also very difficult and I did uncover some underlying "nasties" too.

I also have a book called "Love is Letting go of Fear" by Gerald G.Jampolsky, which teaches forgiveness and achieving inner peace. It really makes me think of the effect of the things that I say and think.

It's good to see you posting again, I have missed your stories of Gertie too, but I am glad you have found some things that help.

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Hi knitter it was a long read I know thank-you.I couldnt write about one thing cos all of those things are playing a part in my life and kinda all fit together.Its quite powerful stuff isnt it but all will come good in the end.Yes the "nasties" were a kick in the stomach was not expecting it at all.My health has definitely improved re my lungs hows about yourself? I really do hope you are getting some benefit slowly but surely.I shall have a look at the book you have mentioned it sounds very helpful thank-you.Ive been following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh such a lovely quietly spoken man he is a Zen master you may have heard of him he is fairly well known,sadly he has had a severe brain hemorrhage but he is holding his own but sleeping deeply bless him.

Yes I havnt been out very much on our Gertie I must at least go out and turn her on and see the battery strength as i have the docs this week.Onwards and upwards keepwell knitter :) Janexx

Hi knitter, I've got that book too - and an old cassette tape as well! It was good when I needed it some years ago.

Jane, WOW!! Blumming good for you girl. I'll try to write more soon. I'm off to France tomorrow for 3 months so a fair bit on my mind.

I will deffo be trying calming tecniques but when I return and move to Gloucestershire I will begin yoga and meditation.

I used to be an NLP Practitioner so vanquished negative stuff some time ago although it's been creeping back since the lungs went dodgy a few years ago.

It's amazing how changing yourself can influence others around you.

All best to you xxxxxx Pen

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Hi Pen very good to hear from you.I see from your post you have made a decision to live here when you get back from your stint in lovely France.I do hope you have a restful time whilst there and that it is warmer than what we are promised brrrrrr! Lets hope they are very wrong.Haha yes everything is good so far cant tell you how thankful Iam ! I have lots going on in my head tis full of lots of good information.At the moment I'm in china looking at Tai Chi as suggested by Ohtwo here,have to say I'm liking what I see and hear,lovely slow movements at your own pace,opens up your meridian channels gives energy and balance helps with our health too.Lol have to laugh at myself,Ive that many channels open I should end up the most balanced happy person on the blooming planet or get Sky tv for free :D I jest .My son was always saying about NLP when he was a trader in fine art hes a bit to good at it in my opinion :P Your not wrong Pen we have to keep on top our nasties and keep them in a place of safe keeping away from our present here and now.Blessing to you and keepwell please. :) Janexxx

Thanks Jane. You're right, my plan was to test a winter in France and see if I could live here permanantly but I saw this little town house for sale in Cheltenham (where I lived for twenty years when kids were tiny). It's a bit too perfect to be true. It even has a couple of therapists renting a couple of rooms 3 days a week which gives me a little income. plus you can let a bed or 2 in race week.

Nice area, a nearby street has a little buzz. So, I'll see how it goes.

That little bit of income might just pay for winters in the south.

I'm pleased with how things have worked out, I must have done something good in a previous life eh? !!

The drive down yesterday was gruelling - and blooming 1 - 2 degrees all the way from Calais, grrrr! Had to start emergency antibiotics 2 days ago - double grrrrr. Feel pretty sh**e. Never mind.

Staying at a friends for 3 nights then 3 more hours to Cassis on Saturday morning.

Keep up the good work. It all sounds marvellous and I'm pleased to hear proof that you really can teach a old dog new tricks. ... not that you're an old dog my dear but you know what I mean?

I can't wait to be settled, be mindful and stress free in the very near future.


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Hiya what a result with the house sounds great,with earnings aswell how very handy indeed for you.

Your journey sounds long and very brrrr so pace yourself especially since your chest is showing off eh?

Yes alls good so far,this change is so needed and feels very right.Your getting there Pen you sound like a strong lady,but remember to be kind to yourself along the way.Healing blessings to you and breathe easy. :) Janexx

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Well Jane,

I did read all through, Yoga I agree with, diet also the others I would need to learn more about....but they all appear to have made a good impression with you and the outcome is more posative thinking which can only be good........and reading between the lines your approach to life is much more posative. I wish you every success for you and your family, if it works for you it can only do good.


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Hi Peg lol thank-you it was a long post.Yes its all very positive its strange its all very simple really but at the same time ive lots to learn its putting it all in to practice and changing my ways I'll get there.One day at a time.Thank-you so much for your kind wishes.I hope you are keeping well yourself? :) Janexx

You wonderful woman, what an inspiring post, think I'm just coming out of a deep mood that has been around since Xmas, all that time ruminating, when I could have had me nose in a good book, doing me knitting etc, will look into mindfulness, tomorrow will begin to look into getting my show on the road, 'end stage' my arse ! Love to you Jane, peaceful night x x x


Hi medow how lovely to see you and how kind your words are bless your heart. I really do hear what you are saying re your mood ,sounds like its been a bit of a year for you? Im glad your coming out of it now though,I know its not easy.You fight those demons and put them in their place,tell them its been a blast but I need you no longer and let them go,you have the control back and you choose to be a happier more joyous person. :) No what I mean.Sending healing blessings. :) Janexx

HI Jane I am so glad you are finding something which is working for you and if your breathing is improving that is fantastic. keep it up. I agree with medow you are a wonderful and inspiring person; many in your situation would have given up, instead you are determined to help yourself find inner peace. You have a long time yet with us love so never never give up. Lots of love and hugs xx


Hi coughalot hows you diddling?Your words are very kind thank-you.Yes I have found something that suits me and going for it,I have this little bubble of excitement inside of me and it feels real good,makes a lot of sense all of it.I will not be giving up there are still adventures out there for me yet.I did have a significant bout of depression but have found new coping mechanisms.Ihave to admit to being very well and healthy so super smashing great really.Whats this with your memory? You takecare now breathe easy :) Janexx

I believe in mind over matter. I also see colour when calming myself. I believe you would enjoy tai chi.

Stay focussed and enjoy.

Kindest regards



Hi GJ yes I believe there is a lot of energy to be found within us that we can use.Oh good you see colours thats reassuring thank-you. This is new for me so all new experiences and nobody to check with.I will have a look at tai chi , they are slow movements arnt they? Slow is very good :) Yes I shall stay focussed because it just feels right ,like I have arrived home,a eureka moment sounds daft I know but there it is.Thank-you for taking the time to read my long post, very much appreciated.Wishing you good health. :) Janexx

Morning just got around to reading your latest and enjoyed have been usung the breathing system for a while now and it works well, pleased you are staying strong, I have a talk with myself at times and tell myself to buck up and this latest bout of cancer is just another challenge, beat it twice before so no problem, and as I like to say Keep smiling Jane.

Love on its way Fred xx


Hello Fred how encouraging to read your reply thank-you so much.Sounds like you have found your inner healing energy,you bombard that cancer.You are a fighter, me too stay strong and focussed Fred you can do it.Your so right about the breathing it does make a huge difference,I keep having wow moments as my effort is rewarded how very blessed and grateful I am.Yes I shall smiling is good and infectious gives a nice warm feeling.Sending healing blessings to you Fred takecare and thank-you. :) Janexx

I read your long and interesting post Jane, and took heed of some of it. Especially mindfulness, I know I can be judgemental and must be kinder to my husband! He's a darling and never grumbles, always doing his best to please me. We lead a quiet, regular kind of life, now were 80 and 85 and have a loving family, so very lucky. I have learnt over the years about change. there is a saying "the only thing that is constant is change" and I often remember that when going through a rough patch.

I'm so glad you have found this new strength to help you along, and I'm sure you will improve your health, best wishes, Iris x

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Hi Iris thank-you for reading it sure was a longun lol.I think we all need to reboot ourselves at times it is very easy to get stuck in ruts.Your husband sounds a poppet and loves you to pieces.We take our loved ones for granted at times forgetting to say thank-you for all they do and to tell them how much we do love them.Yes you are right about change.Enjoy today as fully as you are able.Be loving and happy Iris.Blessings to you and your lovely family. :) Janexx

wow so amazing longlungs you sure have gone into this in a big way full marks for doing so I hope as the days and weeks advance you will reach your goal

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Hi Anthony you just never know whats round the corner do you,its wow for me too this is so not like me.I feel like Ive had a win on the lottery with it all.My goals are to be a better person and fitter.Thank-you for reading and replying so kindly much appreciated.Blessing to you :) Janexx

we all are going through life facing incredible odds we support each other on this site and when someone does a blog big or small we should have the respect to read them

Great stuff Jane !

My mother is retired yoga teacher has taught me some tricks over the years ...

It's great you have found something that is giving you some peace and serenity and we all need that with our long suffering conditions ....I always read the posts an always checking in and seeing how all the wonderful people are doing here ...I will let u get back to your chanting meditating an easy breathing ...bless you Jane you wonderful soul...

Best wishes

Wes xx

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Hey there Wes long time no see I trust you and your lovely family are doing well?

How blessed I feel to have found it all,it is early days ive lots to understand and practice,but I couldnt be happier,Everythings in the timing they say.Feels like I just got 3 gold bars on the fruit machine :P Any good tricks to pass on Wes lol.Nothing like getting it from the horses mouth eh?

This site has helped me in so many ways as you say the people here are truly wonderful,it is so good to share with like minded people.How we change Iam listening to some beautiful music at the moment and cant believe some that I like when I eventually snuggle and the "om" chanting and indian chanting is very relaxing as I nod off also delta waves.I do make myself smile sometimes.My eldest said to me the other day "mum your becoming weird and odd" How funny it probably does seem strange, my behaviour and habits are all on the change.I do hope he eventually sees it as a good positive change.

Thank-you Wes for your kind thoughtful words.Blessings to you and your family ,stay well and be happy my friend. :) Janexx

Looks interesting ,I may have to read later on.x

It is a MASSIVE post - but so worthwhile. Thank you!.

Firstly I would like to tell you how inpsirational you are!! I wish my husband could take on board what you have and follow it. I have practised yoga for a few years and try to do 10 mins every morning - it makes all the difference to my hips. When I dont do it, I wake up with the most painful hips I can hardly move - with the yoga no pains at all!

You have inspired me to return to meditating - I tried years ago and never quite got it, I have just send an email to my son asking for a book on subject and mindfulness. I try to practise positive thinking all the time. It has taken some practise and I can assure you there are times that I am not very successful!!!

I firmly believe that you if you take back some control by using these techniques great things can be accomplished! I also agree with your about the test results - I wish my husband wouldnt have them done - the look on his face and the stress. In my humble opinion base your results on how you are, how you feel and how you are coping.

Wishing you every success in everything you do! Take good care and keep up the good work. AND please keep posting your progress. Lots of love TAD xxx


TAD you are a leading light yourself please believe that.You are so very helpful positive and understanding.Ido thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your caring kind words on this Massive post :) . I never knew how much there was to yoga I think it should be taught in schools.Just goes to show TAD your hips being the proof of success,pain is such a burden!

Ive been following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh from Plum Village in France such a gentle quietly spoken man.He is a Zen Master Buddhist from Vietnam .His teaching is specifically Mindfulness He is worth a look at for sure just type his name in and voila you can also see him on youtube.

How right you are re taking back control we underestimate our own energy so much, our minds are a wonderful thing.

Thank-you again Tad your husband is a lucky man to have you by his side.Keep up with the yoga.

Peace and blessings enjoy the rest of you day. :) Janexx

Yes,I've been practising N.D. Buddhism for almost 30 yrs. it's a way of life bring out the wisdom for me to make correct decisions based on wisdom rather than a lower state of life..understand life and death is invaluable .opens ones mind to respect and dignity of life. Buddha nature....three qualities of buddhahood ...courage compassion and wisdom,nothing more.....not separate from daily life......this day and age!

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Oh wow Colours have you really I bow to your knowledge Im a beginner and focussing on mindfulness at the moment,I have a lot of information going in at the moment which is just brilliant.As I said to Tadaw Ive been following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh he really does tick my boxes.Thank-you so much for taking the time to read and reply to me much appreciated. :) Janexx

I can see and do believe in pretty much everything you have said there. I taught martial arts for 16 years and know that the body can do some amazing things but it is the mind that gets it done!

I am not a religious man in any way but respect those that have one. If there was one that I had to choose it would be Buddhism as it looks at the whole not what is better about it over others.

I can control my breathing when needed unless they are really bad. I can lose the pain for periods of time but not forever.

Great Post

Be Well

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Hi Offcut how interesting Ohtwo has recommended Tai Chi to me had a very quick look last night and Im liking what I see I watched a chap called Chris Pei,I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.He mentions about getting more energy and this I would definitely like some more of,also about balance and better health.The slow movements seem suitable to me.

Iam not a religious person either Offcut which is why Buddhism shone out to me ,what you say about the whole is exactly what I felt too.Iam focussing on Mindfulness more so at this moment.You seem like you have great control with yourself,to be able to rid yourself of pain for periods of time must be such relief although it comes back.My Breathing is improving greatly makes such a difference to the day and what I do.Our minds are very powerful I have always believed this just not focussed very much on it ,but Iam now learning.

Thank-you for reading and replying very interesting what you have said.I've away to go yet for sure. :) Janexx

If I could find a Tai Chi class that fitted in my time table of when I have the car or inclination it would be the next stage. We had a Kata in my style which was Wado-Ryu Karate that was slow but very powerful.

Fascinating post Jane and I personally found it very interesting indeed. You are not going potty and probably have some sort of aura around you that you can feel and even see. I had a bright orange orb aim itself at me a few months back and I actually ducked as it flew over my head! Pete looked at me and I told him what happened but it has never happened again.

Mindfulness is good for anybody to practice and the meditation can be so calming and a great way to de-stress. I have stresses in my life but do try and breathe deeply and get on with things. Christmas is coming and it will be good I hope but we will all get through.

You keep on proving all these doctors wrong Jane - breathe well and keep going.

Bless you and take care. xxxxx

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Hi Sassy oh good glad Im not going potty,its so good here theres always someone who knows.I know very little of what your saying,Ive heard people saying about someones 'aura' what is an orb and why would it aim at you? Sorry have got a million questions :) might have to pm you if thats alright?

How right you are if we all practiced mindfulness how much better would our world be!

I have absolutely no intention of going anywhere,I dont believe them anyway I have yars n yars yet :P .

How is your Pete doing bless him have they got on top of his pain at all?

Thank-you Sassy for not only getting through my post but replying so thoughtfully. :) Janexx

Hi Jane, feel free to pm anytime. No worries at all and would love to hear from you. I looked up orb on google and it was quite interesting. It was just a ball of light but why it would come at me I have no idea.

Pete is ok but cannot have his back sorted out yet until his heart is put to rights (sarcoidosis of the heart muscle is suspected) and he will have an angiogram on the 18th. You take care and hear from you soon. Lots of love, Carole xxxx :)

Thanks for writing this. I will be going into hospital on Wednesday for 3 days of tests. It is not the tests that I am worried about. It is the doctor's negativity when I get the results. Your meditation, mindfulness, yoga and diet has reminded me to be kind to myself, to others and to my body and to only half listen to what the doctor says. Thanks again.


Mandy xxx


Will be thinking of you Mandy .wed.ok..relax what on earth could happen!!lol.

Hi Mandy wishing you well with your tests come Wednesday hoping your results wont be negative.Try not to be worrying before you need to eh a day at a time ,have a special day tomorrow spoil yourself a little.If we dont love ourselves how can we love others.Please listen to your doctor ,I do always listen to mine,but I think shes more of a drama queen than me :P also those two words 'end stage' are not good to be saying to any patient,there are better ways,doctors forget we are human and can treat us as numbers and results.

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read and reply very much appreciated. :) Janexx

I'll respond a bit later on ,I have to put my food order in to get my box of organic salad I prefer and other things ,delivered for a £1 ,I love it,I can't get out if it's below 10c.cant breath. So I am teaching myself to cook,after going so long with out food,lost appetite .any way we'll speak later on . Enjoy your new found freedom! Lol .

I too am grateful Jane,to have you around to inspire and suggest the ways to ease this horrible desease.I don,t listen to the numbers,it is how we feel that is important and I,m glad you seem to be happier in yourself.With kindest regards,David!


Hi David bless you how kind of you to say thank-you.Courses for horses some feel empowered and in general terms knowledge is empowering and Im all for that generally.But as the years tick by with this ere disease Ive become abit of a wuss I think.Heyho. Today is a great day and my breathing is pretty darn good Im happy with that.Blessings to you David you keep well now. :) Janexx

Great post LL !

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Hi Puff thank-you kindly.The last time we spoke you were feeling a little under par? Hope it didnt get any worse.Hope your fighting fit at the mo though ? Blessings to you :) Janexx

I remember encouraging you when you were stopping smoking and I saw how much strength you had in that fight. I am sure you can win this one too (and sack the negative doctor)!



Hi Toci how nice to see you, thank-you for your kind words.Iam a tough old bird.When my doc said this I did reply saying that was not the way to win friends and influence people, a very unfortunate term of phrase that should be banned from use ,in my opinion.Heyho alls good though have LFTs tomorrow I might well have improved.I remember your encouragement well Toci you were my straight talking friend.How are you keeping in yourself these days? Blessings to you and breathe easy :) Janexxx

I'm struggling a bit at the moment, Jane, as we all do at times. I have been classed as very severe for years and was told I was 'end-stage' and given 3 years to live. Bloody fools. I am still here 7 years later. I am the eternal optimist and always try to look at the positives. There is ALWAYS more to be done - new techniques, new medicines, etc. Onwards. xx


Sorry to hear that you are struggling Toci,takecare now.I know my cons told me I would be bed ridden in 5 years which scared the eebiegeebies out of me,but Im happy to say that was 15years ago!! How wrong can they get it! How right you are there is always more to be done ,thats is where Iam now, trying more .Blessings to you Toci Keepwell and breathe easy. :) Janexx

Hi Jane. Don't know what happened to the blog I sent you but it doesn't appear anywhere I can see.

But never mind. Just nice to hear from you anyway and in such a nice positive way. Lots of lovely tips there too. I too have been classed as end stage. Not sure they should be so frank with us. I'd prefer not to hear it but that's probably just me! Thanks again and you take care.

Sara xx

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Hi Sara lovely to hear from you and thank-you for your kind reply.Yes that phrase shouldnt be allowed.It could make someone more likely to give up and as we know we can go on for years despite what they tell us.I fully expect to be badgering my doc for a long time yet you too eh?

Yes change is afoot with me,and feels so right and comforting,has certainly kicked those little grey cells into gear theyve never been so busy as they are at the min bless them.Im looking at Tai Chi these past couple of days, looking very good Ohtwo recommended this to me plus Offcut said it was good too.There are many benefits with this and it is slow so very good for us tortoises :P Have found a chap on youtube who explains and goes through the moves in such a calm gentle way.

Are you keeping well Sara ? Hope so,please takecare of yourself now that winter is with us,its a very chilly one tonight thats for sure.Healing blessings to you,breathe easy :) Janexx

Doing great really Jane for someone who has been described as 'end stage'.

I've decided 'end stage' is an offensive term and should not be used!!

Mostly I'm enjoying life and fighting fit and when I'm not I rest up.

Healing blessings to you too Jane and breath easy all the way.

Thank you for your lovely reply.

Sara xx

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