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Himself Is Cooking The Supper

You know yourself about the perils of cooking with a gas cooker while you're dragging an oxygen cylinder behind isn't wise actually, so I don't do it.

What I do is bawl instructions through to the kitchen so Himself can do the cooking...but he's deaf and I can't shout for long 'cos it brings on a coughing fit so it tends to be a bit hit and miss...we have a range as well, in the sitting room which will cook on the top when it feels so inclined and will only cook in the oven part if the winds in the right direction...which tends to be in the middle of June when we don't light the range anyway...

Himself puts the Brussels Sprouts on the range and they sort of fester...I heave myself to my feet and drag them over to the side and then he comes back in and puts them back where they were...

Roast potatoes are a puzzle to Himself you know...I say put them on to boil for a few minutes...he says are they ready yet...I say have you put the roasting pan in the oven yet? He says he hasn't. Don't forget the oil I say...which oil shall I use he asks...

Poke the chicken with a sharp knife I yell...does it look cooked? I don't know he says...I'll bring it through and then you can see what you think...and he does. I prod it in its leg and it doesn't squeak so it must be done...

The dogs are gazing hopefully at the oven tray containing roast chicken and the poor creatures are dribbling all down their chins and making little puddles on the floor...

And the gravy, I do I make the gravy...I've forgotten he the feckin tub I shout the instructions! Have you your glasses? I think I left them in the car he says...

In the end we sit down at the table and eat...and it's grand so it is.

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Oh! Vashti your sagas should carry health warnings I nearly choked when asked himself to read the feking tub so reminds me of MRS Browns boys (got it have you tried script writing for him or at least put them into book form then sell them off for charity.

love is a great thing vashti :D :D jimmy xxx

It is isn't it Jimmy...and we do love each other...really...!

off course you both do vashti :) thats what love is all about :)

a really good light hearted post though,and very well written,, :)

kindest wishes jimmy xxx

Now Anthony... you be careful don't want you doing yourself a mischief!!

just brilliant - just wonderful :)

Thank you eyes...keep breathing...!

Love it vashita, nice laugh just what I needed. your brilliant


It's good to laugh...unless it makes you cough of

Vashti another brilliant tale - thank you! Xris

Thank you Xris...glad you enjoyed it

Ha ha ha sounds good vashti! Keep the great stories coming I luv 'em :) x

Thank you Coughalot...hope you're feeling reasonably well xxx

So much talent Vashti. You need to do something with it! Here I am in sunny (stinking hot) Queensland Australia where we live very near beachside (more tropical than not) in our big open plans. Far removed from your setting. Yet your talent with words takes me somewhere else after a single sentence. Places I've never been become clear in my mind. Thanks for being so entertaining and sharing your gifts. Suz xx

Thank you very much Suz...don't think I'd much like your heat



Thank you!

Love that Vashti so funny a wonder if himself could be an unknown relative of my hubby. Still they mean well. Joyce

It's the meaning well which can be difficult!

Oh Vashti, you do make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. I found myself thinking of Father Ted which made me laugh a lot and still does when I catch it on t.v. I do think that between you though you make a great team and so long as the dinner gets cooked and eaten, all is well and you are all happy.

Take care and thinking of you. xxxxx

Ah...Dougal!...or did you mean Mrs

Oh go on, go on, go on - Mrs. Doyle. :) xxx

you are making me hungry thank you. Little tip if you are slimming or watching your weight try dry roast potatoes just peel and cut as usual then place in the top of a very hot oven and leave till done they will cook and outer part harden like a normal roast but you do not need any oil or fat - I think they re lovely xx

Have heard of this but have never tried it...trying to keep weight on so I suppose a bit of fat won't hurt!

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