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Singing in a choir helps with your health

I'm still exploring singing. This morning in church, just after the service, I've got a critical friend. although, i don't take notice of his criticism, this morning was good criticism. he said that he couldn't hear me!So I'm exploring on how to improve the sound of my voice in a church.

In the meantime, I found an article about singing in a choir. It's an uplifting article, so I feel I want you to be uplifted too!

She speaks of Mozart's Dies Irae which uplifts her; here's the YouTube link to refresh your health!

(Hope to stir enough energy to stop my infection altogether, ha,ha! :-) )

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singing is a good thing to do Mic if you can still control your breathing go for it when I am able to attend church I give it all I have most of what our church produces are evangelical songs which are very easy to sing along to. My voice must be changing as I get some people looking at me in a quizzical way

Anthony, I le this about your voice. But you know, the worst enemy is ourselves. have you ever recorded your voice. For me, my voice sounds really satrange and when I lsiten to iit, I wonder why it sounds like that. But sience we go thorugh life with it, we'd better have the confidence that what was given us isn't so bad after all. Don't look at the funny people who frown at you> I'm sure God hears you in a different way, from the heart, not on an intellectual basis! Trust Him that gives life and joy!

as kids we used to put our fingers in our ears and start singing but we never finished same as when we were in the bath we used to put our ears below the waterline and start singing what a racket. But true as you say you don't go to church and sing to please the man in the next isle it is praise to God that counts. :P

ps: This reminds me of that old Jim Reeves LP I had "talking to your heart" and this particular song was about and old gent (Bro Eyre) who insisted every Sunday of singing in the choir they went to his home to give him the ultimatum to stop singing in the choir or they were sorry he would no longer be welcome any more in that church obviously that broke is heart and he died there and then.

"Trouble In The Amen Corner"

It was a stylish congregation you could see they'd been around

And they had the biggest pipe organ of any church in town

But over in the Amen Corner of that church sat Brother Ayer

And he insisted every Sunday on singing in the choir.

His voice was cracked and broken age had touched his vocal chords

And nearly every Sunday he'd get behind and miss the words

Well, the choir got so flustered the church was told in fine

That Brother Ayer must stop his singing or the choir was going to resign.

So the pastor appointed a committee. I think it was three or four

And they got in their big fine cars and drove up to Ayer's door

They find the choir's great trouble sittin' there in an old arm chair

And the summer's golden sunbeams lay upon his snow white hair.

Said York we're here dear Brother with the vestries approbation

To discuss a little matter that affects the congregation

Now it seems that your voice has interfered with the choir

So if you'll just lay out are you listening Brother Ayer.

The old man raised his head a sign that he had hear

And on his cheek the three men caught the glitter of a tear

His feeble hands pushed back the locks as white as silky snow

And he answered the committee in a voice both soft and low.

I wonder if beyond the tide that's breaking at my feet

In that far off heavenly temple where my Master and I shall meet

Yes, I wonder if when I try to sing the song of God up higher

I wonder if they'll kick me out of there for singing in heaven's choir.

A silence filled the little room and the old man bowed his head

The committee went on back to town but Brother Ayer was dead

The choir missed him for awhile but he was soon forgotten

A few church goers watched the door but the old man entered not.

Far away his voice is sweet and he sings his heart desire

Where are there no church committees and no fashionable choirs.

Let me hide myself in Thee...

Hello Helingmic...never mind about your friend - or how people think you sound. I think it's great that you were able to go. I was able to go myself this morning - good buggy weather though I'm afraid I was feeling somewhat frazzled. It's a lovely old church with a small elderly congregation but I was pleased to be a part of it.

The hymns this morning were the ones we were brought up on but as Ant says the modern ones are sometimes a bit easier to sing. Love singing both but I can become quite breatlhless and my voice tires quickly even though I remind myself to breathe! And I do take a bottle of water to sip through the service. Always feel better afterwards.

Incidently, a lay preacher and his wife led the service and had travelled nearly 40 miles to do this. They also brought their well-behaved little dog with them who laid down quietly throughout everything - how lovely that was :) ~ Lovelight x

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Bless you. I feel part of the family singers now!

I like your little dog visit. At uni, a prof used to come with his basset hound. The dog was not on a leash. As a consequence, when a lecture would finish, the dog would go to the students' common room, jump on the coffee tables to drink the coffee left overs!

I would have loved to have been there my friend from church visited today and after our farewell prayers we looked and laughed the cat had jumped on the desk paws crosses head bowed as though she had said a prayer too.

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CAts are intelligent; they are busy making out they understand everythin. I have a suspicion that they understand a grat deal and won't tell us!

Lovely description of your prayer/cat meeting!

mine sure is intelligent she often has a habit of jumping on my desk when I am there and head buts me they say this is the cats way of marking you as her own as most of her scent glands are on her forehead

Anthony. Your cat thinks yo are one of them! perhaps a tomcat :-)

well she sure has marked me as her own what with the head butting and the delightful presents she brings me.

... as she sings, three little mice!

whatever there is left of them LOL#

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Hi I loved the poem and so true. The last time I tried to sing was at a church wedding and right next to me was my nephews girlfriend. Well she has the most beautiful voice which kept me on key - I sang very low though so I could hear her. It was like a rusty old banger next to a Rolls Royce! Amazing. x

Voice and long hair, coughalot, they enthrall me!


I also love singing, when I became ill, one of the things that upset me most was that I couldn't sing in church, miming just didn't feel the same! Alongside all the medical treatment of meds etc I had physio which helped me regain control over my breathing and to be able to sing again :-) I am under the Royal Brompton and they have a 'Singing for Breathing' group which combines breathing control exercises with singing in rounds, etc. I really enjoyed the session and bought their CD so I could continue at home. There aren't any groups local to me and I have been inspired to start a group once I get stable enough (they do training to be able to do this).

Singing is amazing, positive and uplifting, especially in church and I'm so thankful that I can join in again.


Victoria, I wish you all the vest, so you can start the singing group. that's so important, because I think lots of people are singing but a bit shy!

I was util a lady at church said, we need more men!!! I went and enjoy every minute of it!

I went to the Brompron many years ago, didn't have the singing for breathig. It was a wonderful hospital with all these tests in powerful machines! Cheers and get stable soon!

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