Plastic is getting everywhere

Good morning everyone, thought this might give you a Sunday morning giggle. Now we all know the plastic card has taken the world by storm and electronics rule our life's, but on a recent visit to Nottinghamshire it appears our fields are being taken over by plastic cows too or at least in Thoresby hall area. Catch up with everyone later

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  • what the dickens suppose they are used to remind our younger generations of what country life was like I used to love hiking through the country and I often saw cows calving on a regular basis we just let the farmer know when that happened.

  • In my younger days I lived on a farm, the cows used to put their heads over our fence to eat the veg growing in our garden. We used to get milk from the farmhouse plus much other produce like eggs ect.Times have sure changed as you say. Probably there to remind us what cows look like before they become extinct.

  • as there seem to be more meat eating people these days I am no vegan just not allowed red meats anymore so I guess my contribution in not eating Lamb or beef is only small

  • Hey up, hope the Major Oak has not been replaced by a plastic tree as well.

  • Hi Knitter, think the trees are still alive not sure about the indoor plants though another modern artificial substitute. Soon be using plastic gardeners do you think?????

  • my goodness what next :D ,,, plastic surgery for plastic cows :) must have been some sight katie :D

    do the plastic cows supply the plastic milk containers :D ?

    makes you wonder what the worlds coming too :) ,,, i was like you katie,i lived near the farm,almost in it,,in a small village, had our own hens,,many double yolked eggs,, the hens running about the street, no one batted an eyelid, we used to swap the eggs for fresh fish, from a trawlerman neighbour,,,we used to buy the milk in a jug,, our own jug lol :) from the farm,,,,, them were the days,,,lol ,, love jimmy :) xxx

  • Hi Jimmy, gave me a laugh I was wondering if they would supply plastic milk containers. Never thought of plastic surgery for plastic cows though. Enjoy your evening xxxx

  • will do katie,,, you do the same,, will catch you later,,, jimmy xxx :)

  • And you could buy 2oz of sweets from those big jars with your farthing your grandma found at the bottom of her purse. The real home made dripping my Gran made and spread it on her own made bread. Oh Dear they are all flooding back! My sister and I always remember the bones in the pan bubbling away for the stock!

  • Memories, my dad used to take bread and dripping in his snap box for lunch at work. Now its all these varied mixed fillings or lunch deals. The big jars of sweets are coming back into fashion but your expected to buy an whole jar these days not a couple of ounces of Sweets. Recall the outdoor doing jugs of beer, what I would give for fresh laid farm eggs we used to walk to the farm when my children were little to get trays of eggs. Time has sure moved on.

  • Well they could be the concrete ones at MK but at least we can thank the Romans for Concrete!

  • True

  • help I cannot find any link to the plastic cows and no photo coming up with post - help please would like to see thanks xx

  • Hi undine, I found a website called "tripadvisoruk" ..I don't know how to do a link..showing the plastic cows. They advertise the Blue Grill steak restaurant at Thoresby.

    Just down the road from me .

    I am sure there used to be model cows in Hanover Square in London some years ago too

  • Hi Knitter you found the Plastic cows on line then, I saw them for real, but did not try the new Blue Grill steak restaurant maybe next visit to Thoresby. Well you live in a nice part of the country if you live near Thoresby but I am not too keen on Nottingham town centre , it's a bit like Northampton. We are hoping to do a river cruise with lunch on the Trent at Nottingham later in the year as it comes highly recommended .

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