hi I am new on here going through the test for copd and what stage I am x

hi my name is kim I been reading your post hope you don't mind you all seem

to be nice people I am going through the test for copd well we new its copd but what stage I am at still don't believe it trying to fright this with every breath I got losing really silly really when it will beat you in the end but I will give it a good fright till the end your posts as give me hope x

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Well you are right to want to fight it! I care for my husband who has severe Copd had it about 12 years diagnosed - don't worry too much about what stage you are. Everyone with Copd is different - some people seem to struggle more than others - it seems to be a personal journey. The BLF have some really good booklets which will help you. Take good care of yourself and try not to worry xxxx

thank you x

Welcome it's a great place to start, get support, ask questions and share. ☺

I will and thank you x

hi kim,, nice to see you on the forum, i wouldn't worry about stages,, you have made the first move in posting on here,, you have the second one in hand,, fight fight fight,, stick on the forum you'll be amazed what you will learn, this forum has changed my life around by advising me to eat healthier, stop smoking, and exercising the best i can, if you are offered medication, take it regular as prescribed, you will find you will be able to fight a lot easier,, i wish you all the very best,, kindest thoughts jimmy xxx :)

thank you I will keep on fighting and do what the doctors tell me I feel better knowing this forum is here and lovely people to talk to x

oh its great to hear that penney,, lets hope/pray you keep well,,

all the very best jimmy xxx

Evening and welcome.

Great name. You'll find everyone on here brilliant. I know your really scared but you will get used to managing your conditions, take your medication get them to send you on a PR course and don't Google, it's nonsense and will just frighten you.

Kim xxxx

hi yeah its a great name I did google not for long and it did frighten me and I soon stop I don't no how I got his forum it just as if it came to me and I am so happy it did and I will be on here often thank you x

Hi Kim welcome to the site, glad you found us and you are very welcome here. We talk about many things on here but our main aim is to help people like yourself to face the diagnosis of a lung condition. I have COPD like yourself at first without correct treatment It did look hopeless as you see it but with proper treatment to suit you and a healthy life style you can build a quite good life around your health problem and live for many years to come, but don't expect to run a marathon(smiles) Hope to see you again and do let us know if you need help and how your assessment works out as the stage you are at does make a difference. Take care and every best wishx

hi Katie thank you I will let you all no how I get on I try not to run the marathon hehe but never say never its nice to no I got people to talk to who understands copd and no how you feel and what you are going through I got a lovely family but it hard for them and they are trying to deal with as well but I am sure we all get there and thank you again x

I always look at it in this way. Life has an end date but it does not tell us when! My father was diagnosed with leukaemia in his early 50's he passed at 84.

Life is for living! Sometimes it just means a little slower than we would like?

Be well

hi wow your father did really sure them and sure us that life is for living thank you for sharing that with me it means a lot and it give hope thank you x

penney1825 , You are very courageous, but that's the spirit, never give up. Hae you got a Pulmonary Team nurse? If not have your GP or consultant refer you to her. Pulmonary nurse are very nice people. they empathise with you and give you all sorts of tips. They can refer you to physiotherapists, to counselling (where Ilive anyway, N.E.Kent) to pulmonary rehabilitation which is fabulous. A big welcome to you Kim. You will find there are several Kim here, just waiting to answer you! (I am Mic, not to be confused with Kim!)

hi try not to call you kim hehe thank you mic I will be seeing a consultant soon and hoplly he give some names and numbers who can help and I got to see copd nurse soon I will let you no how I get on x


Kim ... good on you, there are so many health horrors in life and we just have to adapt to the one : we have : try to walk every day and learn to : pace yourself : not easy but it is a MUST : God bless, you will be in my prayers.... Xx

hi thank so much for your kind words I no now I got to pace myself learnt the hard way today I pace myself and feel better for it I got a lot to learn but I get there and lovely people to talk like yourself thank you again x

A BIG welcome! Pleeeeeease try not to worry at what stage you are. We are all different from one another, and "stages" mean different things to different people. Don't be afraid to breathe!!!!! :) Keep coming on the site, we will watch out for your posts to see how you are getting along....hang in there girl !! :) :)

thank you x

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