here we go again

I am back in hospital again ; it all started Thursday morning the wife got up about seven and spoke to me [ I sleep down stairs] I said I don't feel to good and I have a headache can I have a couple of head ache pills . I thought wife was getting pills she was really phoning doctors .well the doctor walked in put oxygen sensor on finger and called ambulance paramedic arrived in couple of minutes then ambulance right behind him .they then wised me off to hospital . all too fast scared shit out of me . straight up on ward bypassed a+e . never had that before . home to ward in a hour . well Thursday evening I thought I cant breeeth so called nurse , my sats were in bargin basement , so many people fussing round me . boy was I scared now .oxygen pumped in so high thought me head would explode. and usual lots of nebuliser . well all carmed down after a bit . I been told ive had a bit of a lung failure .and now me blood pressures dropped so I aint allowed out of bed . and moving slightly gets me breathless. but I am being so well looked after and im in best place for me at moment . hope every one else is as can be expected. bill

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  • What a fright you have had! Glad you are now receiving good care, hope you are soon feeling very much better, all best wishes, Xris

  • Hope you're better soon. You're in the right place. Take care and keep us posted.

  • Oh bill, how scarey for u ( and ur wife ) least their quick response has helped u quick smart, hope u get better soon and can go home soon. Take care x Sonia x

  • Thank goodness for your wife's quick actions Bill. Hope you recover very soon and get back home where you belong. Take care and keep breathing. x

  • Gosh Bill good job your wife called the doctor! You are right you are in the best place, hope you get better very quickly. Lots of love and kind wishes TAD xxx

  • Boy what a shock. Sorry to here your so I'll. Glad your getting looked after well. Keep connected were all routing for you.

  • Like everyone else on this site Bill I am sending all my best wishes for a speedy recovery...lets hope they have you out of there soon

    Love to you...and to your wonderful wife, who's quick action may have saved your life

    Love Sohara

  • yes its a real fright bill,, but your in the best place, getting the best attention, im sure you will feel better soon, please keep in touch, let us know how things progress,, best wishes,,, jimmy

  • Get well soon Bill, it must have been very scary being rushed in like that, but your right, your in the best place for now. x

  • Bless you, sounds like your where you need to be. Hope your feeling better soon.

    Kim xxxx

  • Your wife needs a big kiss /cuddle & thank you for her speedy actions.

    Your a lucky chap.

  • What a wonderful wife you have....wish you both well and have a lovely Christmas

  • Every best wish for a speedy recovery to your usual self Bill.

  • Oh dear poor you,thanks to your wife for acting so quickly,lucky and well looked after,the hospitals are good with us they are trained .good luck ,enjoy your stay?

  • Good morning Bill, hope you are feeling a little better today and they are still looking after you in there.

    Sending lots of good wishes, take care.

    polly xx

  • Feel better soon Bill :)

  • Get well soon Bill!

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery, thoughts are with you.

  • Get well soon Bill.

  • wow you really hit the big time this time Bill stay in bed until you can get up and take it easy get well soon

  • That is scary and I know the feeling! Get better as soon as you can.

  • Oh billl , poor you. I do hope that with all this care you will get better really soon. Your wife's reaction was really alert, no nonsense! Wonderful. But of course, not very nice for you. I'll think of you getting mended really quickly.

  • "Bill... Hoping now a day as moved on, That your feeling so much better and a lot less breathless today, I would imagine that your Wife is so much more relived also Today... keep getting stronger Bill...xxxx Megan."

  • Hello Bill,the whole ambulance thing does give us a bit of a shock.I remember seeing the reflection of the blue lights in shop windows and saying that,s not us is it? To the paramedic,she yes it is you,re not very well.Think I was running on adrenaline by that time.Anyway Bill take time to get your strength back so you can enjoy the rest of Christmas,or is this just a ploy to get out of Christmas lol?Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Bill,all the best to you and your lovely wife.D.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery,X

  • Sorry to hear this Bill. Just sending you lots of good wishes...let them take care of you and let them spoil you :) Will be watching out for your posts....take good good care, and know you have lots of people thinking of you :)

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