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It never rains but it (s)pores

Saw my practice nurse yesterday and there was a lot to talk about, in particular I wanted to talk about a sputum test which my doctor doesn't believe in (says too many other bacteria in mouth to make it accurate). I've had a really long infection since May which I feel has never quite gone away, still coughing green etc. So the nurse is accessing my hospital records and says suddenly that they did some microbiology when I had a bronchoscopy in October to see why the valve implants didn't work and they found a ..fungus! Aspergillus Fumigatus. She had to google it in front of me, goes a bit quiet and says she'll be writing to my consultant for 'clarification'. First thing I do when I get home is to google it myself and find Aspergillosis, probably Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). I mean how could they grow a culture if it wasn't present in my lung? How long have they known and why wasn't I called in immediately? Will it affect my LVRS scheduled for next year? So many questions and it's the weekend and can't do anything about it. If anyone here has had it I'd appreciate any input. It seems I have another dangerous illness to add to the one I already have. Oh well...

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I know it can be a downer sometimes I was due to see the specialist with some strong questions I wanted answers to so after he asked his basic diagnostic ones I just said may I ask some questions from you and was I mad right from August until November I had a pheumo thingy (drat forgot the full term) present in my lungs I had to date 20 flare ups in the year and yet they did not think of telling me or calling me in earlier should start treatment next week

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Disgraceful that you were not kept informed!

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