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Small Nodule on lung

Has anyone been in a similar position? I am 75 years and was a very heavy smoker - around 60 a day from 21 until around 47 when I gave up completely. I do have a cough and am being treated for acid reflux. I have had x rays and a scan and everything seems normal. However, my last scan showed a small nodule on one of my lungs. I have been referred to a cough clinic because my cough had got worse and was keeping me and my wife awake at night. My blood tests have shown low electrolytes for several months now. The consultant has ordered a scan so I am just waiting for an appointment. I realise that a nodule wouldn't show on an x ray but surely it should have shown up on previous scans? I do realise lung cancer gets more common as one gets older but my consultant said 90% of these nodules are benign. I also have lupus and I do know that this can spread to the lungs. I am probably worrying about nothing and I think the consultant want so see if the nodule has grown but if it has, given my age, can it be safely removed?

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I have had nodules for quite some time and they are common to us with lung problems. As you were told most are benign. I had mine tested by x rays to see if they were growing. If they were it would not have been good but they were not. I don't really worry to much about them. If your specialist is not worried you need not either.


Lived with my nodule for years now - at least 8! Don't even think about it any more but was quite scary when first told.


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