My Wife the home wrecker!

I mean in the literal sense. Of late I am hearing this " Oh this has fell off" or "Its not working again" roller blinds are made with a few safety factors to stop the little ones getting strung up. But are not Wife safe I am getting fed up having to restring the blinds because it has hit the safety bit by pulling to much! But she does not stop there she has managed to get the Roman blind strings to go in different directions? Which does not make logical sense at all but she did it! She has now moved onto electrical products turns the shower on and it is stone cold. I turn it on it warms up? She can delete apps on her phone by just talking to someone? She draws the curtains the hooks come out. No wonder I am falling apart!

But with all that I would not change her for the world and love her to bits!

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  • She sounds like me!!! My husbands' dressing table has become the place for dropping off broken items anonymously - it is rather full at the moment, the kids have been home!!! Well I am going to blame them! xxx

  • And why not !

  • Hi Offcut. My husband swears I could wreck a D9 ! You must know where he is coming from. Your wife in not alone. Suz x

  • I have often said "Never under estimate the strength of a woman"

  • Now your a very wise man!

  • After 38 years of marriage I think I am getting it. I think?

  • My late dad had a habit of wrecking vacuums! I gave up on trying to explain to him that they are not meant to pick up discarded sweets etc. For all that I would give anything to have him back.

    My sister is the same with vacuums and tv's. They all stop working very quickly. x

  • I have a hubby like that everything he touches seems to drop to pieces, just too heavy handed,so every task now comes with a warning, "Gently does it"lol

  • I cannot wear wind up watches as they gain 20 mins an hour when I wear them and some electrical things hum or whistle when I touch them. I had a lady with an hearing aid that every time I was close it used to scream so loud everyone could hear it :)

  • How strange wonder why, hubby can't wear a watch it just stops.

  • I think in my case it is electric problems one of my heart problems is screwed up sparking in the heart. When the first LED watches came out I had one for years with out changing the batteries once. I ended up smashing the face and I checked the batteries one was flat one was fully charged that that was over 2 years.

  • Superman.Lol

  • Of course you love your wife to bits and wouldn't have her any different xx

  • Hi off cut, my hubby always says I'm heavy handed, it's my kitchen cupboard doors that cope out when I bend down to the bottom ones I lean on the doors for balance and use them to push myself back up, resulting in loosened hinges and the the door don't hand or shut properly so he has to line the back up again oooppps. X Sonia x

  • I do not do bottom shelf's any more solved that problem for me ;)

  • sounds like me offcut,Things keep falling apart here ,The latest was the doors fell off the kitchen cupboards,One fell on my head the other on my ankle,According to my husband it was my fault,I was in tears as I have been feeling really down with a chest infection .One thing good I am getting new cupboards.

  • at least there's a bright side to bring a smile.

  • well I wonder offcut - you know what they say - 'a bad workman always blames his tools' - did you, perchance, put up the curtain hooks etc.? ..... just a thought ha,ha - no offense xx

  • non taken ;)

  • oh dear seems to me you should lave your tool bag in the house lol

  • Well then ....gratitude...send her on a paid holiday with her friends,anyone that has to put up with us moaning all the time deserves it!!lol

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