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Kangaroo Steaks For Tea?

I needed to take my nebuliser back to get another one...was glad to get rid of it actually because it was horribly noisy...couldn't hear yourself think! So we went into Roscommon town to the stores, which is a tiny little office on a scruffy industrial estate...all pot-holes and empty properties...the girl handed over a new and shiny nebuliser and a years supply of masks and sort of slung the one I was handing in under the counter...

Lidl's isn't far from there so we went to see if there were any bargains to be had...the freezers were full of goodies...Kangaroo steaks...lumps of Ostrich...a haunch of Wild Boar...Hare fillets and dear little Quail. Himself was very keen on trying some Kangaroo but I dissuaded him because I don't know how they're murdered in order for people to eat them...

So we bought a few packets of nuts and some Turkish Delight...

And, after my recent Bah Humbug over the whole Christmas scenario, I found a set of five miniature houses that light up with those LED lights...and I put them in the trolley with the excuse they'd light the sitting room up a bit...

We've arranged them on a shelf on the dresser and they do look very nice... even if I say so myself and I don't care if they're a bit sort of tacky either...

I was knackered after all the excitement of seeing Kangaroo for sale and my oxygen was beeping loudly every time I drew a breath...it's only started to do that since the truly gorgeous Malachi came out and fixed the condenser thingy...so we came home.

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Is this for real??????

I saw it with my own eyes...so I did and none was actually very expensive either...around 8 to 10 € a lump...!

Oh well I will rush out and buy some (I don't think so......ha ha ha ) :)

Hi vashti, I'm with u on the kangaroo, don't think I could eat it either, or cuz I'm to tight to buy it in case I don't like it lol, and ur light up houses sound quaint. See there's still some Xmas cheer in u yet lol. X Sonia x

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I just keep it well hidden usually...lol...the Christmas cheer I mean...

Morning Vashtil

Hope you slept well after your adventures.

I love all the Christmas tack but don't usually put it up so early must be catching

Hope you have a good day

i don't hide my christmas spirit ..... everyone knows i'm christmas mad my son thinks i'm crazy and my daughter is yet to form an opinion as shes only 5

My son visited Australia for six months earlier this year and he bought and cooked kangaroo sausages (they must have been on special offer as he is a uni student). He didn't enjoy them much but had bought them so he ate them! How the shops have changed? Nice to hear about your adventures. Take care lots of love TAD xx

I had Kangaroo Burgers and Crocodile burgers on Monday. Kangaroo was very nice Crocodile was not as good but filling. Now Ostrich I would have that over beef steak any day! I will look at lids today.

Be Well

Ostrich steak is lovely. It's been hard to get for the last few years due to avian flu in Africa but it seems to be coming back onto the market. It's very low fat, high in protein and extremely tasty - enjoy!

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