Need Cheering Up please

I don't post very often but feeling very sorry for myself. Thought I was doing really well haven't had a chest infection for 4 months but it's caught up with me and can't shake it of. Been taking antibiotics & steroids for nearly a week but not better can't sleep coughing till my chest feels its been walked on by a herd of elephants. Sorry know I have it easier than most anybody got any too jokes please

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  • Have that herd made it all the way to you so soon. They only left our place last month. They had been grazing here spreading their germs and heavy footprints for 5 weeks. Course after course of tablets but they didn't move on. Then I posted here and suddenly I recovered and the hefferflumps cleared off. Took a while for my ribs to feel better though. Rib

  • Now that made me laugh. So it's all your fault you sent them over. Sorry they stayed so long with you and here's me moaning after a week.

  • Pleased it curled the edges.

  • You should start feeling better soon as the cattle are going in for winter :)

  • Thank goodness. Must stop laughing it hurts!!! No pleasing some folk is there

  • nope :D :D :D

  • I said please real nice. Anyway I feel a bit better.

  • Try not to get TOO takes me at least 3 weeks to get over my infections, so take a big breath (Oh dear, that's a ridiculous thing to say - sorry :x and relax....give the tablets time to work. You will feel a lot better in a couple of weeks (not that I am a doctor or anything, but I get infections on a bloomin' regular basis so I know what I am talking about) ....usually :) All the best :)

  • That's you sorted then

  • Yes feel much better. Finish of the Cardigan I'm knitting for my Granddaughter. She as cute as a button 6 yes old and lives in Norway. We Skype a lot and "she loves Nana knitting her things.

    Thanks everyone

  • Good evening! A herd of elephants - wow must be awa full. I don't suppose this will cheer you up but there are a lot of people with coughs and colds and flu this year. It seems horrendous - there was only 8 kids in my daughters history class today - usually 25! Perhaps it is all the mild weather we had earlier.

    Manuka honey or Scottish honey can be good for coughs. Wishing you the speediest recovery, with lots of love TAD xxxx

  • Good evening to you to. Thanks for taking the time to send a message.

    That's onecof the many great things about this community.

    I feel much better now I favour honey lime lemon and a wee drop of Brandy. Helps the cough & lifts the spirits

  • " Awe.Nanael. Looks like we are in the same boat. with our cant get ride of infections and what seems our daily diet of antibiotics and steroid's, I too cant shake mine of. But Never say Never!! is what I keep saying to meself Nanael. so you keep on keeping on too, and I am sure you will get there in the end. think I am going to follow one your cure's Honey Lemon lime and a touch brandy wasn't it..:) keep well wrapped up and feet up fire....Megan!

  • Hi Megan sorry your suffering too

  • Hi Megan sorry your suffering too

  • Sorry you are so poorly now, but let's hope you'll be well over it and fine to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Can't add to others advice but hope it will make you feel better. Best wishes barnowl

  • Thank you Barnowl. Hope you have a good day Ann

  • Sorry your feeling down its not essay and when you get chest infection again and again it takes its toll have you read how to cook a turkey the jokes on hear make me smile take care x

  • Hi onamission

    Thank you I'm feeling much better today. No I haven't read that, is it fun, were can I find it.

    Hope ur having a good day Ann

  • So sorry onamission I was sure I responded to you. I am feeling much better had two good nights sleep and really excelled myself today ☺ No I haven't read how to cook a turkey, is it on here. The jokes are great but I didn't dare read them because when I laugh. It makes me cough and that hurrrrrts so I only do the chuckly or smile ones. I found this new button and I love the bunnies

  • Glad to hear your feeling better today the jokes are posted by Jimmy mostly and yes he tells a real good one or look at Toney's post he takes some very nice pictures of wild life he has one today on swans take care

  • I think I confused oh well cerebral anoxia here's the poodle

  • Naneal, feel sooo sorry for you,it,s hard to have a good spell and then ...go back... But we have all been there. Thank God we have this site to vent our feelings for nobody else understands..... It is a long hard slog to just : just hang in there : I think we all need LOTS of T L C.. and Don,t get it, sadly not even from our families, just try find hobbies that absorb you mentaly ... Do things that make you happy. God bless, keep your chin up...xx

  • Thank you Bail

    I'm feeling much better today. Lots of support & got a good sleep. Fingers crossed for a some more tonight. Not over the infection yet but getting there.

    Good night sleep well x

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