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Pains in neck and shoulders

I am moderate COPD,but lately whenever I do any excersize I get a pain in my neck and shoulders.

I then have to stop and rest until it goes away.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I get a bit of that when I've been breathing a bit too heavy. Aching muscles i expect.


I get terrible pains in my neck and shoulders. Mine is arthritis, however, when I have a coughing fit I'm almost doubled over with the pains in neck and shoulders. The finest thing I find is Tiger Balm, it truly helps me.


Pain in the neck and shoulders is a common problem with people with breathing problems. if you are struggling to get all the breath you need your brain gets the shoulders to pull the lungs to draw more breath, but that in turn is using the muscle in the shoulders to pull in a way it is not used to so complains with pain this then tenses and pulls on the neck muscles so they complain. When you are exercising concentrate on using the stomach/diaphragm to breath it should help. Mine is paralysed so I get the shoulder neck problem.

Be Well


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