What a wonderful site!

Hello I have finally worked out create a post! I have been following everyone here each day and the kindness and understanding is overwhelming. I am a 66 yr old with bronchie and copd fairly recently diagnosed after chemo and radiation for oesphagal cancer which was a breeze compared to this coughing and spluttering all over the shop, anyway my husband is truly amazing and caring, but is a comfort to have this community of like minded good souls (not like some doctors) I am a "Pom" living in Aussie, very hot here

All blessings

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Welcome Leeleebird, I too am new and agree the support and friendliness is wonderful. So sorry you have had such a tough time lately and I presume the heat you are experiencing at the moment doesn't help. Take care and keep in touch. Xris

Welcome - I couldn't cope with your hot weather. I lived in the States for some years and hated the summers even when I was healthy, but I just couldn't manage it now.....hope you keep posting! :)

Welcome Leeleebird and hope you are getting good treatment over there in Aus. You have really been through it lately but hope things improve for you. Take care. xxxx

Hi nice to meet you. I was going to make a crass British joke about 'omg not another furriner we are being taken over :d but I won't :) So welcome. This is a great site with lots of knowledgable and caring folk here who do their best to help each other.

There are folk here from the 4 corners of the world and we are truely a multiclutural site which is great. The more the merrier :) x

Welcome. Glad you found us, you sound like you've had a rough time lately. I bet the heat can be a double edge sword.

Kim xxx

Hi Leeleebird and welcome to the site. You've had it rough haven't you? But, you sound a very positive person and a bit of a joker too. I hope your going to stick around.

It's freezing here today but, I couldn't cope with extreme heat either. At least if I'm cold, I can turn the thermostat up and back down when I'm too hot. My family go mad, because it's up and down like a yoyo, thanks to the menopause lol.

Casper x

Hi I was thrilled to bits to see your replies, it made my morning, I even put my makeup on perfectly! Thinking of Christmas, well being British in oz I do miss those crisp cold days while doing the shopping etc . The humidity here is the main worry it knocks the stuffing out of you! Keep warm and carry on! Love LeeLee x

Would still do you a swap LeeLee :d x


JWell, we've a lot of humidity here recently but we call it damp!

We're having the kind of dreary, drizzle, damp, darkness and fog that you might have gone to Oz to avoid, no?

It's horrible right now, everyone's catching cold, stomach bugs abound and those not suffering at home are out spreading their germs to the other millions of Christmas shoppers out there.

There now, have a cheered you up?

Hi come to think of it I do remember the fog and damp, dark mornings ad afternoons

Oops pressed wrong button. Damp and humidity is revolting wherever you are.

Guday! and welcome!

Goodday to you cobber. Haha oh dear!

Best site on the net buy far

It sure is wish I had found it earlier.

Leelee x

Hello leeleebird and welcome!

Thank you vashti, this site is a comfort like nothing else. LeeLee. X

Hi Leeleebird, welcome you'll find lots of information and good advice from everyone no matter what part of the world you are in. xx

Hi Leeleebird, welcome you'll find lots of information and good advice from everyone no matter what part of the world you are in. xx

Thank you peg I. It's good to know x

Hi Leeleebird

I'm a bit behind but that's not unusually. Welcome looking forward to hearing more from you. You've certainly been through it and you've come to the right place their a fantastic bunch

It is a wonderful site isn't it LeeLee. I've had some wonderful support here since I lost my dear Hubby. Everyone is so helpful and understanding. :-D xxx