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You couldn't make it up!

I am moderate COPD and used to have 6 monthly reviews. However they have cut these back last year to 12 monthly due to lack of staff.

My last one was December 2013 and I hadn't yet received the letter telling me to make an appointment so popped into the doctors and asked the receptionist why and could I make one please. Her reply? Oh they have changed the system now - you get an letter on your birthday instead! Well fortunately my birthday is in January but by the time I would be able to get an appointment it would be February and maybe even March. So that would be 14/15 months without a review...

I did manage to get one for December this year instead which means next year it will be a lot longer.

Isn't it ridiculous?

coughalot x

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Lucky your birthday isn't in November then :-(

in reply to RibvanRey

I did say that :) x

As long as you don't have to wait for your birthday before you can get an appointment to see the doctor!

Take care. Sending a big cozy hug to keep you going.

Love Dozy :) xxx

in reply to DozyDormouse

Maybe that is what will happen we will be allocated an annual check up on our birthdays! :)

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Nanaeal in reply to

As long as there's cake

in reply to DozyDormouse

Thank you Dozy I love your cuddly mummy hugs. Hugs back :) xx

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Nanaeal in reply to DozyDormouse

Don't give then ideas Dozdormouse ☺

We're all in it together according to Mr Cameron. Does he mean the sticky stuff?

in reply to warwickstag

Cameron isn't human. I think he is an alien sent down to destroy us Brits :d x

......Or is that stinky stuff?!

Absolutely ridiculous, but, unfortunately that's how things are now.

I am not sure why the appointments system has become so difficult. I recently tried to make an appointment with a Doctor who had requested I see him, and was told there was a six week wait!

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6 weeks Omg! You could be dead and buried by then! x

Hasn't the system changed , they calculate it differently now. a lot of sufferers believe they aren't as bad as they thought . I'm not so sure of that? what do you think!!

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I think medics hate us poor folk with lung disease! :( x

Madness!! You really have to be proactive sometimes. Take care, TAD xxx

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Thanks TAD you too. x

What happens to those born on a leap year of feb 29th? They have to be fit!

Be Well

in reply to Offcut

Trust you to think of that Offcut :) x

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notlocal in reply to Offcut

They need endurance, offcut, endurance...

Have you tried "I think I have started an infection" and I have COPD. That immediately gets an appointment in my you are fuming :X Good luck with y our review. :)

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I only managed to get a review earlier because I said I think my copd has got worse and there are some questions I need to ask. It was a new receptionist thankfully coz I think one of the old battleaxes would have got funny with me.... x

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Have you asked the old battleaxe if she has ever experienced being short of breath????????????........and having to live with this disease??????Oh, it is such a shame when some staff behave the way they do. I am just so grateful that I am registered with the surgery I am...that doesn't help you though. :x Good luck with your review - have you asked them what their policy is with COPD patients?????? If they haven' got one, they should have. what'shisname, Hunt.....tell him of your experiences and ask what he can do about it.......just a thought. Not that you should have to be in this position at all....hope you have a nice day today. It's pelting it down here, but I don't have to go out, so I'm lucky :) All the best :) :) :)

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Ha ha thanks Louise. The receptionist I saw was actually very nice (one of the minority) x

and mr cameron says the National Health Service is save in there hands

in reply to bigaitch666

Ha ha ha choking........... x

Somebody's got to fund the bankers bonuses and the MPs expenses, so they pick on the most vulnerable in our society. Ian Drunken Smith is a disgrace to humanity.

in reply to warwickstag

I am not saying I don't like this current lot in power but I would love to slow torture them all to death :d That goes with most politicians though of all parties. I am not trying to start a political debate.. :) x

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Therein lies the problem. And UKIP who are riding high on a wave of general apathy scare me to death.

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Offcut in reply to bigaitch666

well all the private wards they keep for them it is!

I think it is terrible coughalot but at least you don't have to wait too long. We always seem to have to be chasing something or someone - not good. xxxx

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True sassy but I will still have to wait a few months longer next time! I am declaring my own independence day just like the film - 'I will not go quietly into the night and I will carry on fighting' ha ha. x

Since my diagnosis (4 years) we've only ever have had 12 month reviews... and it always seems too much trouble for the nurse.. but managed to get my flu jab at the same time this time.

She reviewed medication and told me they are treating me for asthma, even tho' my condition is COPD.

And she performed a spirometery on her new machine. I don't think the nurse gets as much from you as the geezer at the hospital, she forgets to encourage you properly - he says keep going.. keep going... keep going...keep going, bit more etc. but like she's just wants to tick the box and move on. Half hour, 3 tests and inhaler technique covered, and hands me a bit of paper that says when to use my emergencey medication steroids & antibios.... but I don't have any! And when I ask, she says I'm not at that stage yet..

So whats the use of the bit of paper? Doh!

If a 'system' is Korprate or Bureaucratic...., it's screwed..!!! Fortunately for me here in the US, the Veterans' Administration has had many years to 'iron the wrinkles out' and now functions fairly smoothly, regardless of what you may have heard..., at least it does in my case.

I really don't understand what the hell is going on I am registered at a walk in centre is next to our local hospital they are open 7 days a week 52 weeks a year 8am till 8pm.

I have to say my GP is on the ball and the nurse is fantastic you can ring them any time I have my test every year and the nurse talks about diet, exercise and looking after yourself.

I do hope all goes well with your GP appointment in December

Hi My copd is quite severe and Ive only ever hade 12 monthly appointments for the last 7 years or so. I don't think its a problem because if you think you need help you can always get your doctor to speak to your consultant. At least I can. Unfortunately all they can do for us is give us antibiotics and inhalers in the hope of it not worsening.

Hope this helps

It can beva real pain in some surgeries. Fortunately our receptionist are great and I pick the doc unless I'm desperate.

Glad you managed to sort it xoxo

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