The Sun Shone Bright like a Diamond over the Severn yesterday

The Sun Shone Bright like a Diamond over the Severn yesterday

Took this pic on my Severn walk yesterday, the river level was the highest I've seen this year so the weir had disappeared below the water, there was a great spotted woodpecker, some gold finches and a Canada goose trying badly to hide in with a large number of swans.

It was a bit chilly for the lungs but I still enjoyed it as I always do, every week there is something different to see with the changing weather and seasons.

Its cold out there Healthunlockeders but if you dress for it you can still get your exercise, it also feels great to get back indoors, switch the heating on, put your feet up and enjoy a bowl of hot soup.


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  • I wouldn't mind one of those geese Tony. Just if you happen to have room in your napsack. ;-/

  • That Canada goose needs a good white wash if he wants to hide out undercover as a protected swan until Christmas has passed.

    I think I would struggle to carry a goose and my oxygen back pack at the same time so you'll just have to settle for Turkey like the rest of us eh' :)

  • That is a shame. I had my hopes up for just a moment. I had a friend who worked as a poultry meat inspector. He used to get me a large duck or a small goose every Xmas. A lovely bloke. We miss him far more than his largesse. Rib

  • Well done you. I went out in the rain. It was wonderful looking up and getting a wet face. With my eyes closed I could forget about the oxygen mask. It felt as though I was free. Something I get from your walking posts.

    Thank you hero

    love Dozy :) xxx

  • Its great when you forget you have the oxygen on, sometimes when people are staring at me I wonder why and then I remember of course its the oxygen tank and pipe up my nose. There's not that many of us out and about so us super hero's are always gonna stand out aren't we eh' :)

    Tony xxxx

  • you also need to wear your undies outside your trousers Tony :D

  • Must try that :) . Next thing you'll probably hear of me being put away for a little rest. Ha Ha

  • :D

  • Looks so peaceful there Dall05, I live near a beck and like to walk there with the dog but it's gotten so boggy, I know I'm going to go flying. I keep meaning to invest in some walking boots too cos my shoes get caked in mud. x

  • Hi casper, I'm lucky on my walk as its been tarmaced over the whole 2 1/2 miles for joggers and cyclists to use. Its not natural but I can wear my trainers and rarely wear my walking boots.

    This is why this walk is so popular with the disabled which includes me. I see lots of scooters and have even seen a woman jogging on a prosthetic leg, she left me miles behind in no time. :)

  • Wow that's lovely well done...x

  • It sure beats watching day time tv :)

  • What a beautiful calm scene.

  • This is where the river has been split, on the right bank the water flows fast over the weir and on the left bank its like a lake, very slow moving down to the Lock. Two different worlds, the slow side matches me more these days as I plod my way around. :)

  • So beautiful, I love hearing about your walks.

  • That's the beauty of portable oxygen, it makes walks like this possible. Thanks Xris.

  • Lovely, I really like to hear about your walks and the pictures are always a bonus. Thanks.

    Take care,

  • These walks are not only good exercise for the lungs they get me out of the house and looking for something to snap with my little camera. Once I saw that diamond effect in the lens that the low sun reflecting in the river produced I new it would be worth a post.

    Glad you like it emmo. :)

  • Fabulous picture - worth all the efforts, Take good care, TAD xx

  • The low winter sun can be a pain while your driving but it can also make for some pretty good effects through a camera lens. A sun in the sky, another in the water and a diamond in between eh' not bad for an amateur snapper. :)

    Thanks TAD xx

  • Beauty is all round us if we just look,what a stunning photo,peaceful yet dramatic.

  • I'm liking your comment redted, peaceful yet dramatic sounds pretty good for this amateur snapper. :) . There is beauty everywhere and I am very lucky to still be here to see it, there was a time 4 years ago when the ICU consultants said I wouldn't be but what would they know anyway :) .

  • You just keep getting out and about enjoying life,and taking more stunning photos for us all to share,they give so much pleasure.

  • I'll do my best redted, walking, smiling and snapping is easy for me as long as the ground is level and the temperature above freezing.

  • Very beautiful and picturesque Tony. It all looks so serene. Liking the soup idea too. You take care and keep getting out and about. xxxx

  • Winters not so bad is it sassy, that low sun makes for some good effects and the hot soup after the walk when I got back home tasted extra special. I guess it was a 'souper' day all in all. :) xxxx

  • Too right Tony. xxxx :)

  • beautiful and WoW scene - light is wonderful :)

  • Not quite huggs and eyes standard but still ok for an amateur eh'. :) . You and huggs both come up with some stunning photo's that are just so clear.

  • Another fantastic picture winter is really hear I went out this morning the fog was so thick not good for us I know

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