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Carbocisteine capsules

Morning everyone, started taking carbocisteine on Friday ,i have felt so ill could not stop coughing chest constantly wheezing it was scarey had to sit up all night .sat and /sun and came to a decision that they did not agree with me.Stopped them and now feel so much better. Love to all you fellow sufferers of this condition, not being able to breathe is so scarey, and leaves you feeling so vulnerable too. Keep well and warm xx

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I have taken them for several years now. Mucodyne or something like that mine are called. They are meant to thin the phlegm on the chest and make it easier to clear. Pity they did not work for you as they are an invaluable tool for many of us.


Yes i know, i wondered if i reacted that way because i do not have a chest infection at the moment or perhaps they just do not suit me!


i take six a day and i have no phlegm now.


I have had two days like you bikergrove,went for my spirogram yesterday couldn't do it felt so down and depressed couldn't get the mucus up and so breathless.came home with antibiotics and steroids,had a bad night last night hope I will soon feel well again,hope you will be on top form again soon.


im also on these and as other member have said its to thin the mucus so its easier for us to get it off our chest

i hope you had a chat with your gp before stopping it as your symptoms could have been something else

i know its not great taking all these medications but all i know is im better on them than off them


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