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I am suffering with toothache at the moment, my own fault really as I have had a fear of dentists since I was a child, I have severe copd and cough most of the time, I am on 24hour oxygen and rarely leave my apartment, the thought of having to keep my mouth open while a dentist works on my teeth is causing me to panic. Any thoughts please I would be so grateful.

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Perhaps a call to the BLF helpline - they might be able to give you some advise. The best of luck, toothache is horrendous. Lots of love TAD xxx


I would inform the dentist. They must be used to this problem. They could say to raise your hand if you are distressed or wanting to cough. I know they can approach nervous patients differently but dont know a lot about it.


I am also terrified of the Dentist. I had toothache earlier this year and didn't know where to go I am on oxygen as well.

In desperation I phoned my respiratory nurse who was able to refer me to a clinic where specialised dentists work with people with all sorts of problems, they were wonderfully patient and it was pain free.

It is under the NHS

This clinic also does Chiropody, Hearing Tests, Breathing tests and many things with children's health.

Why not give your Doctors a ring they may be able to help.

polly xx


Hi I would imagine you might need to go to the hospital to have it treated. I agree to ring up your doctors. I hope you get it sorted as toothache is awful. x


Thank you so much for all your comments and advice, I think I will contact my respiratory nurse or BLF for advice and see what they say, I am absolutely terrified, but the pain is getting worse so I must do something. luv and hugs hazel


Sorry you are suffering so much. Please don't leave it a minute longer as it will get progressively worse. G.P. seems a good place start and if no help you could always Google it asking for local help. Hoping you are able to sort it soon barnowl


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