Drug Trial - Visit 4

Hi there to those interested (you know who you are!!), today was Visit 4 of the Trial. You may remember as part of the trial of did not take it for a month so I had all the vital signs done and blood taken and two lots of sputum and spirometry. All was well and I seem to be back to normal which is good considering the very nasty virus I had which took 2 - 3 weeks to clear up. So I was given the next batch of the drug/placebo and go back in a month.

Hope you are all keeping as well as possible and wrapping up warm or even staying in during this cold, damp weather. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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Your doing such a worthwhile thing for others Lizzy. Keep up the good work. x

so glad that nasty virus has cleared up,, now you can do the drug trial,,, best of luck skinnylizzy,,, hope all goes well, as casper says, you could be helping many others, in doing this,,, kindest regards jimmy xx

Do you feel better yet,or feel what the medicine is doing in the month!??

You are marvellous xxx

Thanks for the update Lizzy,hope you are well now,regards D.

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