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Hi as promised said I would report on my visit from the community matron today Well she seems to get things moving I did a blog 6months ago about my first visit in 12 yrs to see a consultant and how horrible he was never had a six minute walk test .well things are moving with this matron .

She is my first contact when I think things have worsened. Or need advise. and e

Will make regular visits coming back in 2 weeks

I am so pleased to have this, when you are on your own and in your seventies (others on this site are older I know ) It means such a lot too me to have this and my youngest daughter who does most for me has had some of the pressure lifted

What with district nurse coming twice a week and now a community matron can't say I don't have company Take care love all of you xx

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  • Glad to hear that you have had a successful encounter with the Community Matron. They are a great idea and a wonderful reassurance.

  • Yes thank you for your reply I feel so much better knowin I have one take care


  • Glad to see someone being looked after properly for a change. Your daughter's mind will be put at rest now and you'll feel easier too. x

  • Thanks so much Casper

  • glad to here your being looked after well, this will ease your daughters mind so much now,,, i'm very pleased for you,, jimmy xx

  • Yes Jimmy she is so pleased thank you

  • Lets hope it improves each time?

  • Yes I am so pleased to have one

  • that's great news newlands! :)

  • Thank you xx

  • Glad things are a bit better for you Dorothy.Regards D.

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