Im very confused. Forever since I can remember I have suffered from frequent chest infections. Daily I cough up mucus suffer with Acid Reflux which gets worse when a chest infection is coming on. I was hospitalized twice this year furst with virual megengitis (hope that is spelt right) then in August thus year unable to breathe after having had 5 courses of Antibiotics. It was discovered I had a pesudomas on my lungs & recieved intro antibiotics for 10 days & was diagnosed with Bronchiectatis.

I finally got an appointment to see a Consultant last Thursday. How ever he said my lung function was better than his & my lungs have no scarring? He then said hmmm you have a pesudomas bacteria on your lungs I will gave a through look at your file & arrange for another breathing test see you in 3 months. Is this Normal ? I'm confused.

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  • Good Morning, I just wanted to say HI and to you - you have been through the mill! I cant tell you if it is normal but the BLF helpline might be able to give you some advise. Take good care TAD xx

  • Thank you Louisiana I do feel better but still have breathing & fatique problems. X

  • Hello and welcome. Hope the BLF nurses have been able to give you some more useful advice than the doctor. If you have bronchiectasis and pseudomas then you need a bit more than a wait and see. But if you feel well at the moment don't panic. Are you still coughing every day?

  • Hello Monkey 65. Yes I cough every day & expel the sticky stuff daily. I dont feel to bad at the moment I also have to contend with Ulcerative Colitos which always flares first then come the chest infections. I will ring the BLF nurses tomorrow see what they say. Thanks for the advice x

  • get rid of that consultant and get one who knows about bronchiectasis which this one obviously does not. I have had two doctors listen to my chest in a day. One said, perfectly healthy lungs, one said full of fluid. Pseudomonus is a bug which colonises in bronchiectasis patients. It need treating properly and youneed a rescue pack of anti biotics at home. Good luck, keep nagging!

  • Thanks Stillstandin63 . Not so easy in the UK on the NHS to swap consultants but yes Im not very impressed with this chap who is listed as a Specialist x

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