Hi smilers

Just writing to say hello and thanks to you all for being there. I am waiting to find out what treatment I will have this time, but seeing the tumour is so small I am happy to wait till after Christmas, as if its chemo I get to be a real misery, my wife and daughters say that they do not notice the difference, what are they trying to tell me lol. Keep smiling Fred

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  • Good luck Fred. Thank you. You will never know how much your positive attitude has helped me this week. Good luck, take care xx

  • Hi there Suzy6, I was wondering where the other 5 Suzies are, hope that you are having a better week and you are having a positive time. Fred xxx

  • Keep smiling too Fred! Take good care, TAD xxx

  • Cheers TAD I will smile if you smile back . Fred xx

  • You can count on me smiling back xxxx

  • :) Holly good luck with it all. x

  • Cheers coughalot1 best of luck to you xx

  • You title "hi smilers" made me smile even though I feel rotten. Hope all goes well for you in the new year.

    Kindest regards


  • Hi Ohtwo hope you are feeling somewhat better as its a bummer when you are down, so as they say chin up and smile xx

  • Hmmmm I wonder??? :) :) have an absolute ball over Christmas!!!!! :)

  • cheers Louisana same to you now and over the Christmas period xx

  • From one smiler to another, wishing you all the best. I was lucky with my chemo, it didn't seem too bad considering, no sickness, but did end up on oncology ward twice with neutropenia. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. xx

  • Hi there other smiler like you I ended up in the oncology ward but that was my own fault as I never drank enough and dehydrated, but I wont do that again, thanks smiler xx

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