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Hi All . How do you all cope with Christmas ?.does it still have the same effect as it used to do before the spectre of illness came upon you ? .

This is my first Christmas's after being diagnosed last March . I don't know how I feel at the moment ,think maybe a wee bit depressed ,A friend rang me this morning asking me to go Christmas shopping & the thought of it set me wondering about you all ..& how you cope .

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I always adored Christmas and tried to make it magical for my sons. I have had a lot of family problems over the years and don't have regular contact, so I tuck myself away, eat chocolates and watch happy ever after films. I always turn down friends' offers of joining them for the day, as I just can't bear to see everyone being so bloomin' happy...sounds ghastly I know, but that's how I feel! with envy. :) but, this has been going on for some years now, so I can't blame it on my illness. As for shopping, I shop online...went to John Lewis in London yesterday :) Never thought I would rely on my computer !! But, I can at least still "shop" Do hope you cheer yourself up and try to have a lovely lovely Christmas......all the very best to you and yours. :)

If it suits you and you are well enough then enjoy yourself. My wife and I manage on a reduced service for Xmas and Boxing days. One of my care staff who lives in our village always has a large family over to hers for Xmas. So she insists that that it doesn't take more effort to cook for us. So we get four plated meals delivered from her. The other staff take it in turns to provide an essential services cover.

Mean while we just batten down the hatches and watch TV. Although this year will be special as I shall be going to see the Coca Cola truck from the TV ads. Rib

It was easier when the kids were smaller but Pete was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1991 so we have been used to an up and down Christmas since then really. It is much harder now as he also has copd and other health issues so anyone who comes here has to be well. This time of year is so difficult with all the bugs around but we just plough on through if possible.

Have a good time if you can and enjoy it. xxxx

All the best to you and Pete xx

Thank you. Love to you and family too. xxx

I do all the same things but just a bit slower :) x

I still have my 4 kids at home so still hectic for me but I love christmas, not the hype or the expense of it all but sitting watching films, Christmas tree lights twinkling, good food, cozy inside and not worrying beyond my front door ( if possible ) if my health allows I love this time if year. X Sonia x

Thanks everyone ,think it will be okay ,just going to smile & wish everyone the very best for the season xx

Thats such an interesting question - and it has made me think! We love Christmas and we try to work round things. Funnily enough we actually shop together now - I dont remember ever doing that when the children were little! My husband always cooked christmas lunch until about four years ago when it was obvious that he could not cope. M & S christmas lunch it is for us AND actually there is much less stress!!! I still worry about parties and outings! But we have the oxygen and a scooter. There is always a big family lunch on boxing day and that can be stressful for him - getting to the hotel, getting into the hotel, getting out of the hotel etc. Worrying if someone has a cold and hoping they sit at the other end of the table!

After all that I wonder how we enjoy it!!! We will take a deep breath and do what we can! We have just had the best weekend with everyone home from Uni so I am very excited about us all being together in a few weeks. Overall things have changed - but they would have done anyway. Thank god for undercover shopping centres, a scooter, oxygen and M & S!!! Hope that you are able to enjoy Christmas xxxx

Don't really believe in Christmas much (at all really, proper pagans us). Now my children, all in their 30s and me gather on Solstice day 21st December for a good meal we all cook parts of and a few drinks. Last year baby GrandDora joined us for the first time. At least Solstice actually means something - the Sun has reached its furthest point South and now begins its journey back with longer daylight hours.

Oh goody...another Pagan...

Am too out of puff these days for all that business in the woods at night :)

I am full of do not's at xmas. Do not drink as much as last year! Do not eat as much as last year! But I did eat and drink to much last year!

Enjoy it like every xmas past, it may mean it just happens a little slower than before.

Be Well

Enjoy and live it to the full as you do not know what next year will bring so be happy and enjoy merry Christmas all and all at health unlock for all the help they give us all

I have only ever "done Christmas" when my two daughters were young and at home! Have never enjoyed it because of previous incidents when I was a child myself! Always used to end up

in arguments, too much drinking usually the cause! Put me off it altogether! Now I have one daughter in Australia and one in Qatar so we can't be together, otherwise it might be different! I try to see my Age UK people, I am a volunteer, and do a bit of cheering up in that way! It certainly helps me as well as them! However, lots of people love this period and all the best to them. I just can't stand it!

It's about how you cope no one else,take one day at a time enjoy your life,same as usual,depends on your attitude to life, why not enjoy if you can,eat what what you like,I'm going to have lobster as I like animals ,so don't want to eat them,I've decided to enjoy this Xmas ,whatever !! I'm usuall a miserable sod at Xmas,but not this year!!!

My advice. Enjoy this Christmas as if it's your last....because one year it will be. Another mince pie , anyone?

:D :D :D the best advice lol :D jimmy

Life goes on just a bit slower Christmas is still very special to us I love Christmas at home with the old man.

Keep warm try and eat well and remember your flu jab

christmas and new year :) at this time of the year i must admit to being sad yet being happy. i dont think we can stop our minds thinking back, especially when you are alone, many happy memories, many regrets. i remember buying second hand bikes, for my three stepsons,sandpapering them down, having them resprayed, putting transfers on them, polishing the old chrome wheels until sparkling, had them looking brand new for christmas day, these lads were as happy as larry, buying the two stepdaughters new prams and dolls,a neighbour made cloths for the dolls, covers for the prams their face lighting up on christmas morning, usually around 2 30 am :) buying the wife a surprise coat i couldn't really afford,, that was many years ago now,, but hard to erase memories.

but looking back can be dangerous, upsetting etc. as i haven't seen any of these kids for many many years after a divorce they,ll all be well into their adulthood now, some will be grandparents

,, but since then god blessed me with a lovely daughter from a different mother fairly late in life, she is the light of my life. a lovely well humoured lass, she makes me laugh so much.

so today, i went on my scooter to nearby asdas, and for the first time in years, bought a small tree with lights, decorations, balloons, cards etc,, got a mate on the site where i live to put them up,,,why should i NOT enjoy christmas, because i will :) when my daughter comes up shell be surprised at the living room being so bright, me being so bright, then,, she will lighten it all the more , with just her presence :) i always go to my sisters for christmas dinner , shes a great kindhearted lass, along with my brother in law kenny, my old mother at 92 will be there,,, shes nearly blind, but enough sight to see, many grandkids, many great grandkids, and 4 great/great grandkids,,, yes i will enjoy christmas :D

p.s all just passing thoughts :)

... a merry christmas to all on this site, for without all of you, i very much doubt if i would have seen this christmas,, but with you,, i hope to see many more christmases to come,, love jimmy :) xxx

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