Horendous HOrace the Hedgehog

Oh dear me! What a to do. I have had a regular visit from Horace the Hedgehog. I would allow him a little catfood and then speed him on his way. One night, I checked around the conservatory to see Horace was out. Couldn't see him so off to bed.

The following morning, what a sight met my eyes. Literally hedgehog poo all over everything, evening the wooden cabinet. Have to say I panicked because I dont have the breath to do such a massive clean up operation. I managed the cabinet and then phoned -----t Care for help.

The carer that came was ready for the challenge. She pulled out the settee and was Horace slumbering in the cat bed, not visible from the outside. She promptly took a photo of him. She was in stitches. Outcome was I had the Hedgehog rescue service come to take Horace away. Sigh, I was quite fond of Horace. So now a new carpet. xxxx

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Awwww you have done the right thing the rescue will see that he is ok, hope you soon get back to normality.

awwwww that's a lovely story :)

Lol...oh dear Pergola, i t's so good of you to help Horace out - much needed on both sides!

I used to care for a number of hedgehogs, both adults and underweight babies in the autumn who shouldn't have been out in the daytime. After taking them to the vet for treatment I volunteered to over-winter the two babies in the scullery so they could be released in their own area in spring. Good to see these two tiny 'hoglets' on spindly legs go from just a few ounces to a whopping 2 pound in the spring. I well remember them 'wearing' their food as well as eating it and the toilet department left a lot to be desired too :D They're sadly in decline now with much against them so it's heart-warming to know that people care enough to help...Lovelight x

Ooops! What a shame about the carpet and all that mess but you did do the right thing. I am sure Horace will be fine. You take care. xxxxxxx

Oh dear. Some guests these days lol. What a lovely story and a happy ending. A shame about the carpet though.

Oh poor you! But lucky Horace he will be well looked after. We had a hedgehog who used to visit and raid the cats bowl, he made a dreadful racket banging the stainless steel bowl! They are lovely,and so cute to watch.

Naughty hedgehog! Wouldn't recommend a spanking though.

Sara xx

Good old Horace :) Sounds like he needs some potty training.

That has made me smile! I once opened the front door to a mother duck and a her brood of ten ducklings but was advise to let them be and they would carry on their journey which they did after about half an hour - mess was limited to outside though! Take good care, have a good day xxx

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