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Stopped taking this awful drug. I since found out from the COPD Nurse that phyllocontin was an old drug that had been replaced by Sprirva which I have been taking for a couple of years now. I went to all the trouble of making sure that I brought the medication to Watford General for my 3 monthly review. Gave the COPD person all the info so I assumed she would tell the Lung Constultant what meds I was on. I can't believe the negligence of these so called medics. I should have realized that the COPD girl wasn't really listening when all she did was quote the usual..levels, check sputum etc.' Are these people even nurses or do they just do an E learning course? I don't know if the consultant even looked at my notes but just came up with this antiquated drug that almost saw me off. I am so angry with these so called medical experts. The only good thing to come out of it was a referral to 'The Royal Brompton' some time next years.

Thanks for allowing this rant. And all the wonderful advice. This site is a such a Godsend!


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It is isn't it? x

My consultant prescribed me phyllicontin knowing full well I was on spiriva. He added it to 'my armoury' to help my symptoms. I'm sorry it's not helped you, and hope you can find some alternative which does help when you visit RB next year :)

I take both drugs but if you are on phyllicontin you need to make sure you have regular blood tests to make sure the dosage is correct as the drug can be toxic to your system .

Thanks for reminding me, brenin. I'm due my next test before the year end, and need to make that appointment x

Hi Malinka. To be honest I stopped having the annual "check up" with the so-called COPD nurse. I tried telling her what I could/couldn't take but she never listened and just changed my med's as SHE saw fit. Then I would have to make an appointment to see my GP to re-instate my old med's. I think we know our own bodies better than someone who's spent time qualifying in general, but not specialising in any particular branch, so does not really understand how these changes can seriously effect us.

HI Nikkers,

Hope you are feeling ok today?

I feel the same as you. Apart from the usual 'check sputum..oxygen levels breathing exercises..COPD medics don't really listen. I believe it may be because they feel powerless in the face of such a debilitating illness when they know there is no cure yet. So all they do is prescribe drugs etc. & more or less write you off. The consultant even spoke about lung surgery but then I pointed out my age 64. Still he said 'Oh that is the new '40 & then when my sister suggested surgery he said oh but there are age restrictions. I guess he meant that If I could afford private then it would be possible. Fair enough, I do agree that surgery is expensive and should be restricted to younger people especially those with Cystic Fibrosis, Anyway, I doubt that I would survive the ether. I will go the Brompton if I get a referral letter, as they might be more helpful.

Once again, thanks for getting back to me.


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