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More steroids????

Hi all

I was unfortunate to contract a bad cold last weekend.

Tight chest,breathless decided to start my rescue pack of anti biotics and prednisolone.

I am feeling much better,but not 100%. I have finished the 5 day course of 6 a day steroids,but my chest is not back to normal.

Should I start another course of prednisolone?

Any advice please?

Thank you

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this can sometimes happen to my husband. Before you start more steroids I would advise you go back to the gp and check your chest is completely clear of infection. Hope you recover very quickly xxxx


As Tadaw says done take more Steroids. They should be the last straw. Antibiotics when you get infections. Steroids only when you are knocked flat by the infection. They are wonderful at making one feel better but they take a heavy toll on the body. Especially after years of relying on them your joints will be in a mess if you rely on them at the early stages.

Antibiotics won't cure a cold anyway. A cold is a virus. Antibiotics fight bacterial infections.

Go and see your doctor and get his advise because no one here is in a position to know if you have an infection making you feel like it is a cold. You might need stronger antibiotics. Rib


Hi I had just this situation a month ago. I took my rescue pack of ab's and steroids and the infection went but I didn't get back to normal so I took a second lot of steroids and they seem to have done the trick. I managed to get a repeat prescription for another rescue pack from the chemists. So I say take them. x


Do talk to your doctor - just to be on the safe side. Hope you get better soon :)


This is always my dilemma what do you do. If it's any help my u gp recommends 8 a day for a week which is more than you are taking. It's no good saying don't take theme because if you don't you end up in an ever decreasing spiral downwards until you end up in hospital. What comes first, the infection which closes down your tubes or the closing down of tubes which leads to infection. When I last spoke to the BLF nurse about this she said throw everything at it until you are better.


same problem for me, i have been getting infections for the last three month, never seem to get over one : i am now on steroids for a month to see if that will shift it , i don`t like the idea but what is the alternitive


Thanks everybody.

I'm still not sure wether to take uncertain about the "come down" from them.

I've just fin my 5 day course.

Still got ab's to take maybe see how I get on with just those,if no improvement then start another course.

No point in asking my doc.hes got no idea.

Lots of


Fantasy3, if GP is useless, please ask to be referred to a consultant specialist and a pulmonary nurse. they both would know perfectly what you need.

In teh meantime, you could also ask your GP to prescribe some antibiotics. You can ask him for a sputum pot to be analyse. I hope youwill get all this, you have a right to treatment.


Yes, at the end of the day we have to make this decision. Really it is our Doctors who should be doing this and I sometimes think our having rescue packs is an opt out for them. Hope you are better soon.


Upto 3 weeks can be taken without 'come down' issues according to my GP.. even then they just get you to trail off, rather than stop immediately.... but it may also depend if you've used them in the last year? So best talk with GP... asap. Best wishes


It's an ongoing problem for many of us. I'm now steroid dependent after a summer long (5months!) infection but have managed to get down to 3mg a day from 15 so there's a problem for us in the future when we need them just to cope. As Rib says above there is Osteoporosis to worry about, as well as cataracts, lowering of the immune system etc.

Another issue is keeping ourselves free/r from infection and sometimes we have to be harder on those around us regarding colds (I want to know immediately if anyone in the house is feeling coldy, by text if they they aren't actually in the house, and if so I wear a mask in the same space as them and wipe shared surfaces like door handles or do my own hands after ). Sounds harsh but after the summer I've had I can't do enough to keep infection at bay. Oh yes, and a mask at any clinic/waiting room :)


Hi Fantasy,I have very severe emphysema,I have been on steroids for all of this year.I have such a hard time comming off them I have to do it gradually or end up in hospital.My consultant said I needed to be on a maintainance dose of 10 mg but I could,nt get below 20.Nowanew consultant has put me back on aminophyline and I,m down to 4 mg comming down one mg a week so should be free in a couple of weeks.Just hoping I steer clear of infection as then we,re back to square one again.If your doctor has no idea you need to change doctors,this is your life your talking about and you deserve the best treatment available.Best of luck,regards D.


no , see your doctor taking to many steroids can lead to problems .


I take 8 a day when I need to take them (which is not often)


Thanks all.

Ive decided to not take another course of steroids.

And just pray i will be ok.

At the mo,i dont feel too bad.

Thanks for all of the advice.

I really appreciate each and everyone.



I am on Pulmonary Rehab at present and the nurses taking the course were on a special COPD World Day on Wednesday at a seminar in Exeter. New thinking now emerges that we have ONLY a sharp short 5 day course at any one time. I have been on prednisolone almost constantly since March. Various antibiotics additionally and still suffering terrible mucus and relapses. Its a long long tie since steroids gave me a boost! I feel awful physically most of the time on or off them. Why not give BLF help line a ring. Best of luck.


Hi fantasy 3. Bit late but my care plan says to keep eye on peak flow this always drops when something's lurking. If my peak flow continues to drop I go on to antibiotics. My steroids come first then ABs. My steroids last for 7 days.

Hope that helps. Take good care


went to get my flu jab last Monday never stopped coughing and sneezing since and today I am feeling breathless and I am not normally has any one else had these efects


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