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Blue Badge Horror Continued

Well all you lovely people. Yesterday the Blue Badge non renewal department at Warwick Council told my daughter that I would have a decision on my Badge today. In the post I received a letter from them demanding my presence at an assessment centre on some industrial site about 30 miles away to be assessed by an occupational therapist. Now what the heck do they know about extreme breathlessness and the debilitation which results from it. I have a letter in the post from my heart consultant and will be discussing same with my GP tomorrow. My chest consultant is proving harder to pin down because her secretary is on holiday. The letter stressed that one's health conditions should be expected to last all of my life, the inference being that they don't think that they do. So somebody who has no knowledge of and probably even pronounce bronchiectasis is going to have the power to decide if I keep my Blue Badge and therefore my independance, simply because somebody else did not bother to read all of the information which I sent with my application. or is too ignorant to understand it. What I would like to say about these people and this government would get me banned from the site and so I won't. Unfortunately I am not on my own having to deal with petty jobsworths and prohibitive bureacracy. Like many of you I struggle to lead my daily life and it is because of this struggle that we need help such as the Blue Badge. Instead, we are treated as though we are out to obtain something from the government by deception. Shame on them all!

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Stillstanding63, that sums it up in a few words. It is this massive waste of time and money trying to uncover deception that is not happening, whilst the real deceptions often go undetected. We the innocent often have doubt cast on our genuineness of claim and the government waste much money on what are often petty rules. We also have to endure the added stress to our already poor health while sorting these things out. Good luck with your renewal sorry to hear you are being given a difficult time for such a small concession that makes life so much easier for you.

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oh thank you katie for the support. All of this has already knocked my chest straight off. By the time I get there it is highly likey that I won't be able to get into the building. I am taking someone with me to take notes of the conversation

Sounds like a good idea to me, keep notes of conversations and a bit of moral support. If you have any more problem with them what about contacting your local MP for support. As I understand it there is no right of appeal against blue badge decisions. Which I think is wrong too, everyone should have a right to independent review of a decision. But fingers crossed you will get it renewed without any further ado.

I have already emailed my MP but past experience has led me not to expect a reply. If I am turned down I have 28 days to request that it is reassessed. The problem is that those doing the assessing don't live in my body.

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Understand what you mean, and guess the reassesses are done by the same department staff anyway, am I right? One of our MPs is very good if it is a topical subject like this one, but they are all different ours is very much a people man.

I have a friend that just went through this, but she did manage to get someone to come out to her house for the assessment. I know this isn't the same, but I have a young friend with mental health problems and she can't go out, can't answer her door, or the phone. bursts out crying if someone she doesn't know approaches her, etc., etc....this has been going on for years and she leads a very very tragic type of life. her disability benefit was cut without warning and she had to go and be assessed about 30 miles away in a large building....her doctor rang them frantically and told them she would collapse if they forced her to go, but they said they have to assess her for work, otherwise she will get no money at all. to cut a very long story short a friend managed to get her there in the car, got her through the door,( shaking and crying.) A male staff member walked up to her, pointing at her, shouting at her because she was late, etc., and guess what? she threw up all over him......she was devastated and had to be taken home. I burst out laughing when she told me and told her she couldn't have timed it better! They are insisting she go again...some of them have to go to court and a judge decides if they are capable of working. Makes them feel like criminals....Ian Duncan-Smith really has caused a grrrrreat deal of stress for many many people. I will end there or I will be tempted to go on and on. Good luck with your badge. Cheers! :)

Your story is a prime example of what a nasty spiteful government we have. Kicking the most vulnerable because they are an easy target. By doing this they save virtually no money but cause a lot of distress. Meanwhile those who are hard enough and wily enough to abuse the system still get away with it.

Sorry you have been caused so much anxiety about renewal of your blue badge still trucking. I am confident you will get it back. The therapist who saw my husband asked a lot of questions about his mobility and even asked if he had any aids to get upstairs and suggested he had a second handrail fitted on the opposite side to to the other one. She was very friendly and professional. Hope you don't struggle to get there. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck. Joyce

All the best with your renewal I have been called in for mine the last 3 times. Hense the last 10 years :(

The nurse I seen the first time was very nice but the last twice urgh.

I came out feeling I would not get it I did turn me down for attendence letter of the doctor last week giving me a x directory number for my COPD so why do you have to keep going when the older you get the less you can do!!! Chin up.

I take it you are at GE too. I have been trying to get hold of the secretary who is on hols! The Main Criteria is being able to walk less than 20 metres in severe discomfort. If you have to go to the assessment I would ask do they know the full effects of the conditions and the fact it is a long term problem?

Many years ago when I lived in Coventry I had a blue badge but was summoned to their assessment centre. As I was going in a man on O2 came out and said "You have no chance they took mine!" When I got there a man with a very bad attitude in a wheelchair went quickly though my conditions. He took my badge away. The reason given was they had been tasked to reduce them as much as they could so if they turned up and where not in a wheelchair or limbless or accompanied by a carer it was revoked! Numbers over logic.

Do not give up!

Be Well

Hi offcut. Yes we must be with the same consultant at the QE. I am going to ask the assessor to describe bronchiectasis to me and I am going to print off and take the BLF page on the disease. How did you manage in the end? Did you get the badge back. I cannot imagine how anyone in our situation manages without one.

Well it all got a bit strange. My assessment date was 12 weeks after my badge ran out and that would of been over the winter! I sent all my consultants letters that showed my conditions with the initial application and after a few calls and speaking to different people. The last one went though my paperwork while I was on the phone, paused and said "I need to call you back?" 3 hours later I got a lady who was the supervisor start with "I must apologise for all the problems you have been put though, we have got you mixed up with someone else? You will get your badge just before the old one runs out!" I would of been house bound over winter without one.

I am a Blue badge parking activist who hates to see them not displayed in car parks blue badge bays and issue my own parking tickets. It does state that if they have one best display it if the do not they should be ashamed of them selves.

Last week I did 3 in a row all flash cars. A few weeks back I had a few and just as I was about to leave a family pulled in a BB bay saw the ticket and moved to the proper parking area :) a Result!

Good luck


I sent them all of the details of my heart conditions and bronchiectasis and they simply keep saying to me that I am in the hands of the independant mobilty assessors and refuse to discuss it. They are so ignorant and downright cruel

Good for you on your campaign to stop the abuse. This is what the council should be doing instead of persecuting us. A very rich Saudi parked his armoured Bently and armoured Range Rover, containing armed men, in the disabled spaces opposite the Birthplace one Sunday in august. I remonstrated with them and with the parking attendant who was hiding around the corner. The council said he was probably 'diplomatic'. No he wasn't, in fact he is banned from the USA for bankrolling 9/11. It leaves you speechless.

This really bothers me too. Where do you get your parking tickets from???

Hi Daisy do you mean where do we get the Blue Badge fom? It is becoming clear to me that you are better applying on line. If you google your local authority you will find the Blue Badge application. Good luck with jumping the hoops

No, I have a blue badge...I was after parking tickets to put on people's cars who abuse the parking spaces.

message me with your email I will send a pdf to print.

Thanks offcut. Will send a message.


Absolutely right. The most insulting thing and that which shows the ignorance of these people is that they send a letter telling you that your condition must be lifelong when you have already told them that you have a chronic progressive lung disease. It's very distressing

Those who refused to apply for disability because they wanted to go on trying to lead as normal a life as they could are the ones penalised when they pass 65

Yes shame on them, well said.

it seems as though this government have decyded that old dears over 65 shouldn't be seen outside the house and therefore don't need the help to do that. Just when they do!

I don't understand why they want to reduce blue badges I don't get one automatically because I did not claim benefit but every time mine runs out I have to go and see someone at the council and pay £10.00 to get one, so what is the problem what does it cost the goverment

Hi Stillstanding,I totally sympathise with you,my feelings about this selfish,greedy bunch of morons pretending to run the country are well known on this site.I wish you the best of luck,regards D.

I am resident in a nursing home and when I applied for my blue badge (people do take me out some days) I got a curt telephone call asking that seeing I was resident in a nursing home why do I need a blue badge I just replied with emphasis "ye gods there is life outside these four walls" those people who do take me out do so out of human kindness and I don't see why they should pay for parking where a medical condition is evident.

..Sorry to hear your having so many problems with obtaining a BLUE Badge , I am now on my third, but not without giving enormous amounts of information on the Application Form, and INVITING the "Blue Badge " Authorities to apply for COPIES of SCAN DISCS = MRI , CAT etc, and even the so called NUCLEAR SCAN , which I believe cost £ 350.0 each - " FOR THEIR PULMONARY " CONSULTANTS " TO STUDY ". also I invited them to ring BARCELONA AND SICILY HOSPITALS where I was a Patient for a while following severe Exacerbations on Holiday, ( having supplied them with the Telephone numbers AND the Names of the Doctors who examined me, ). plus LONDON , YARMOUTH, IPSWICH and ESSEX Hospitals where I have been admitted SEVENTEEN TIMES , and copies of PARAMEDIC REPORTS FROM THE AMBULANCE CREWS THAT TOOK ME TO THE VARIOUS HOSPITALS - clearly all this would have cost a FORTUNE, to the " Badge Authority, " but - they wanted the info - so I only invited them to check me out ...what less could I do ....THE PAPERWORK WAS NEARLY THREE INCHES THICK, AND COST ME A FEW QUID TO SEND ......they must have been drowning in all this information ......BUT THEY DID ASK FOR IT ! ...

Ease back on the caps please, makes it easier to read..............

Mine is due to run out..........Reapplied and new badge was with me in a week. Why so quick and easy? Higher rate mobility on PIP, so it is automatic.

The reason it is harder to get is nothing to do with "evil people in an uncaring government" and far more to do with people trying it on and abusing the system, an element everyone here should be glad is being deterred from devaluing the Blue Badge scheme. It is this element that is resorting to stealing blue badges because they can no longer con their way to getting one.

Sorry to hear of those that are going through the mincer getting a badge or renewal, I hope it resolves shortly and you can get back to normal.

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I don't know why I am getting these replies now. My original post was 2 years ago. I got my Blue Badge renewed and then enhanced level mobility in a PIP.

Well, Blue Badge is still around and so it is still a current topic.............

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