Today was appointment day with the respiritory doctor

Well bit of a mixed bag was my consultation today but I came away with hope as there were still other options to explore. This year so far I have had 20 flare ups conclusion oral antibiotics no longer working and the long term azithromycin is not either so he stopped the azithromycin. Next port of call is a 2 week IV antibiotic using a CVC line. I apparently have pseudonymous in my lungs and he is aiming at zapping them if that does not work it is hospital for two weeks IV again with a different drug. COPD is no longer scored on a 1-4 or 1-5 basis now I at 32% am classed as severe. At least the confinement is during the cold period when I am not really keen on going out. I will get an appointment with the nurse practitioner possibly next week and then she will go through things with me and when I have to go into hospital for the day to have the CVC lines put in, from there it will be up to the community nurse to check my drips and line in. Will keep you all informed as things progress and how I am going on.

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  • All the best! - will be looking out for your posts to see how you are . Take care :)

  • The OPAT nurses at the hospital check mine. Last time I had 5 days in hospital to stabilize my temperature, then home with my line in to continue treatment myself. Just had to go to clinic once to have line checked, and the district nurse removed the line when I'd finished treatment.

    Sending hugs and wishing you well.

    poemsgalore xx

  • thank you

  • yes let us know how things are going ant :)

  • sure will got a weekend to get over yet

  • Wishing you the very best ant and am sure the hospital will do their very best for you. Thinking of you. xxxx

  • TYVM :D :P

  • I am on azithromycin and have thought what would happen if it no longer worked for me. Would be a disaster for me to have all those chest infections back and husband so ill with a low immunity.

  • I empathize with you Pergola with me it just seems either my immune system has had such a shock that it is now rebelling, don't worry about it failing to work on you I am one of the 5% for whom it did not work but note this decision was taken after 20 infections in a single year and the year is not over yet.

  • Bless you. I will keep everything crossed for you, lets hope they can see these horrible infections off.

    Kim xxxx

  • thanks and bless you

  • I wish the best for you x

  • Thanks Kimmy

  • Hi Ant

    I'm sure you will feel much better after the new meds zap the bugs! Sounds like a bit to put up with during the process though. Wishing you well and sending warm hugs. Suz xx

  • aweeee!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you Suz I am willing to go through it at home first I think most of us will try anything once

  • Wishing you all the best ant and keep us in formed how you get on all the brst

  • Thanks I sure will

  • Wishing you all the best hope it all goes well for you, do keep us updated on how you are doing


  • TY Peg

  • Fingers crossed for you ant, you need a break. x

  • thanks Casper I sure do

  • Good luck Ant, let us know how you get on.

  • thanks O2 sure will not expecting anything until next week

  • hi ant all the best hope it goes well for you mate...artpats

  • Thanks Artpats for want of a better expression I am knackered today and I have the oral hygienist to attend in the morning and the podiatrist in the afternoon so I am looking at a lay weekend

  • why not

  • The best of luck Ant,will be thinking of you! D.

  • Hi Ant hope you get sorted out soon. I have pseudonymous bug to. Will be watching out to see how you get on then see what I can get done. Take care and best wishes to you

  • Thanks Ro45 at the moment it is just a waiting game but hopefully not long will keep you informed

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