Its back again

Its back again

I have been on the site before to say at long last they had sorted my lung cancer out as I had 2 lots over 7 years, well went to the oncologist last week after my scan and she told me once again I have got one back again in the same section of lung left after the op and treatment.So here we go folks third time lucky as the saying goes, waiting to see wether its chemo again or RTA treatment. Keep smiling as its either that or cry. Fred

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  • Oooh dont cry Fred - third time will be lucky!! Yes love keep smiling, keep that positive attitude - you have got through it before, you can again and god willing will beat it once and for all. The very best of luck, sending you big hugs and lots of love, TAD xxx PS If you feel like crying just remember we are here PPS Please let us know what happens

  • Thanks TADAW will do, the tumour is small at the moment so waiting to se whats what, if chemo is the choice it can wait till after Christmas, will stay happy and smile, I like to play the game of I will smile at people in town I do not know and see how many smile back, I know at 72 I should stop being silly .

  • Dont ever stop being silly!!! xx

  • Holly, Since it's a small tumour, I'm sure tey can nip it in the bud, literally. I hope you are soon cured of this. Take care of yourself. Mic

  • Thanks Mic last time they went in and burnt the little devils and it lasted 9 months so I am waiting to see if thats a choice this time. Keep smiling pal.

  • perhaps they'll stamp on them this time! (joking) I do hope though that they deal with it efficiently. Keep it up. When you have the op, please tell us. Don't stay on your own, come over here and we'll keep you company.

  • Cheers pal will do, keep smiling.

  • Hello Holly - Fred. I don't think I was on here long enough to see your previous posts as I don't remember them (but my short term memory is non-existent!! :x) I am sorry that you have to go through all of this again, but it's wonderful to see how positive you are trying to be.....when I lived in America I worked in a hospital for a few years with clinical psychologists and they had a lot of cancer patients. It always amazed me how the ones with a positive mental attitude managed the illness far far better, and their results were always higher than those that could not be positive. It's a shame doctors can't give a prescription for "Positive Mental Attitude" to all cancer patients :) I sooo wish you well and will be watching for your posts to see how you are . Sending many good wishes :)

  • Thank you Louisiana very kind of you, I had the first lot 7/8 yrs ago which they cut out, the next lot a shorter while ago and had chemo and then a procedure called RTA and had been clear for 9 months, yes I try hard to be positive and its people like you that help me stay that way and my lovely wife and girls. Hope you are holding up well.

  • How lucky you are to have a lovely wife and they spoil you! :) I'm doing OK and staying in the warm...determined to keep infections at bay, as I had so many these past 16 months. You take care - I'll be watching for you, so do let us know how things are going. All the best :)

  • Good luck Fred and as you say keep smiling . Souds like you've beaten it twice before and it's positive that the doctors are offering treatment .Please keep us updated .

    Cheers Coastal

  • Third time is a charm Fred - all the best that they sort it for good xxxx

  • Hi, Fred, sorry to hear your news but never give in. Plenty of great people to talk if ever you feel down.xx

  • Wishing you well Fred. Hope you don't stop smiling at people in the street, getting one back is a boost. Several times in the past whilst sitting down in different places in towns or the beach area I have maybe commented on the weather to the stranger sitting next to me which has led to a fascinating conversation about their lives. One elderly lady who had no family left gave me a fascinating insight to her life growing up in Scarborough. We parted company each thanking the other for the friendly banter. Hope your treatment goes well. Joyce

  • Thanks Joyce very kind of you, everyone in this group are so kind and caring and like you said its good to talk. Keep smiling.

  • Great to see your PMA. Proud of you.

    Be Well

  • Cheers Offcut keep smiling pal.

  • Hello sound like a wonderful guy and who wouldn't be smiling at you. I know what you're going through, if you can do it twice you can do it again, here's hoping luck is on your side again and you enjoy Christmas and more good health in the new year. Xx

  • Hi there elspeh thanks for the kind words and I have had some people who I smile at say "Do I know you" when I say no I just wanted to smile, some walk away others smile and say thank you. Hope you are handling your problems alright , keep smiling, speak later. Fred x

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