Hi everyone hope u r all managing ok with this horrible illness, I have emphasema, I was diagnosed about 12yrs ago so as u can imagine I am quite disabled due to this I'm on lots of medication and oxygen overnight I have a mobility scooter that I use for local shops, as I shop on line for my big shop, I am under copd team who are brilliant in basildon where I live,I have been in and out of hospital several times,I kind of coped with this illness, I live on my own I'm am quite a positive and happy go lucky, but recently I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip which when it plays up I can hardly walk indoors as for going outdoors it is impossible, I have felt low because I really didn't need anything else to dissable me even more,but nothing I can do about it so I'm getting used to more medication and how to deal with it ,all of this is a very lonely illness especially in the winter,I just keep thinking there are people out there much worse than me and younger than me I'm 64yrs, well I just needed to get that off my chest, my love to you all and stay as well as you can through the winter, love firework xxx

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  • Morning Firework, You are right you didnt need another illness! My husband has severe COPD and was diagnosed about 12 years ago (hes 66) - he uses a mobility scooter now but the winter is so miserable for him - the cold weather leaves him so breathless. But I keep telling him he has not to dwell on what he cant do! I hope that the new medications help with your hip. Take good care, Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi Tarawa thankyou for your reply, I'm starting to get my head round it and get on with it,my love to you and your husband xx

  • Oh...I SO know about osteoporosis - ghastly! People have no idea of how painful it can be especially added to osteoarthritis. Everyone thinks you just have brittle bones...wish that were the case. My bones are a total total mess and I tell my friends that I am leaving a trail of dust behind me as I walk :x ....I am 77 so I can't complain. Just wish I could move without pain. It runs in the women in my mother's family so I knew what was coming :) What I find hard is that I just can't plan my days any more. I never know if I am going to be too breathless (I have emphysema) or in too much pain which prevents me going out. I have arranged to meet friends and have practically had to cancel each and every time. So, I am learning to accept that....feel housebound sometimes, but I am very lucky compared to a lot of other people. My heart goes out to you though and I hope you will feel a bit better soon. I have tried all sorts of painkillers, including Tramadol which are supposed to be wonderful, but they just don't touch me at all....I am still trying to work it out with my doctor. I have a super surgery and the practitioner nurse specialises in lung diseases, so how's that for a blessing! :) Take care and all the very best :) :)

  • Hi thankyou for your reply I'm sorry u r suffering, I think u r right I am starting to get my head round it all and get on with it, I'm probably one of the lucky ones when I'm laying down or sitting down there is no pain, and I suppose I will just have to get used to having to cancel arrangement when it is bad and I can hardly walk, I have to cancel when I'm not well with emphasema, so it's just another thing,my love to you hope u have a good weekend xx

  • It does you good to get it off your chest. Do not look at it as a moan more an explanation!

    I have a few conditions including arthritis and it does get you some days more than others. Keep the PMA.

    Be Well

  • Hi off cut thankyou for your reply, I feel better today and more positive , and I will get on with it as we do, just getting things off your chest makes u feel better, I hope u have a good weekend take good care of yourself xx

  • Hello Firework,hope you feel better soon,as they say " these things are sent to try us" and they sure do.I,m sure by what you say you will come to terms with your lot and get on with life regardless.I am 58 yrs old with very severe emphysema,I also love my scooter although it is a struggle when it,s really cold.Wishing you the best,regards D.

  • Hi farmer d thankyou for your comments, I'm so sorry u have severe emphasema at58yrs that is so young these days, yes it's all sent to try us and it certainly does lols, I am feeling more positive and will fight on have a good weekend love firework xx

  • Dear Firework, nice to meet you. 12 years is a long time to have coped with emphysema and all the difficulties it can cause. I am still fairly new to it as was diagnosed in May.

    I have had osteoarthritis for many years. It is much worse at the beginning but will settle down. I have it in my hips, back, fingers, toes, neck and shoulder.

    What I have found is the weather makes a difference, wet cold weather makes the pain worse. Dry warm weather really helps. A hot water bottle or one of those microwaveable heat bags really helps. There are some really good pain killers available especially if you are able to take anti inflammatories.

    My husband has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip. It seems to get him suddenly when he moves the wrong way. He is 68. I am 67 so you are not old.

    Best wishes Christine x

  • Hi azure thankyou for your reply,what worried me a lot about osteoarthritis when it starts I really can hardly walk I'm dissabled enough through emphasema and I thought how will I cope if I get any more dissabled through osteoarthritis as I live on my own, but since then I have had a good talk with my doctor so I understand more about pain relief I bought a walking frame for indoors so when the pain starts I take the painkillers and get the walking frame out,, I feel a lot better about it now but thankyou for your help love to u and your husband xx firework

  • Hello Firework, yes it is frightening at first, especially if you are on your own. My son had a serious accident and had his right leg amputated above the knee, broken pelvis and half of the ball part of his left hip joint came off.

    As a result, he has to use a wheelchair most of the time, because his left leg is not strong enough to support him for more than a short time on his false leg. He has osteoarthritis and his bones have calcified so he cannot have a hip replacement.

    He lives on his own and has found ways of coping. One of his very useful things is a walking frame with a seat, so he can stop for a rest. another thing he does is fill a large flask with tea, coffee or soup and puts it in the small carrier on the walker with a a seat. It saves unnecessary walking about.

    I hope this little idea helps.

    Love Christine :)

  • Hi azure that's awfull about your son I wish him all the best, I'm by far not as dissabled as your son but I do know what u mean about thinking about what u r doing so as to save unessersary journeys back and forth in my home thankyou and take care xx

  • Hello firework, sorry I didn't reply earlier. I am still rather shocked after my Doctor told me I have diabetic kidney disease. at least it explains why I have been itching, tired and some other problems. There is no cure but hopefully I won't need dialysis for 10 years or more.

    My husband saw the doctor last week to find out what the X-Ray result were. He had them on his hips. The left one is the worst and he will need a new hip before long. The right one is less severe. He had a heart attack when he was 39 caused by a blood disorder. He has high blood pressure too. He is 68, I am 67 so between us we are a pair of old crocks!

  • Hi azure sorry to hear that news, I wish u and your husband a happy Xmas, and let's hope the new year is good to us xx

  • Hi azure sky sorry to here that news I wish you and your husband well, and hope you both have a lovely Xmas xxx

  • Thank you firework. My husband has some medication which helps.

    I am still getting over the shock of being told I have Diabetic Kidney Disease. It was discovered on my annual Diabetes blood test.

    So far not much in the way of symptoms, jus backache and more frequent trips to the toilet. I have been prescribed Ramipril to delay the progress and to protect my heart.

    Last week I was really depressed about it and feeling sorry for myself. Now I have decided there isn't much I can do apart from exercise and keep to the diet.

    Sorry for the moan. I have so much to be thankful for. I wish you a Happy Christmas xxx

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