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Cough, cough, cough

Hello all. Hope you are all keeping well in this cold weather. So it has been 8 months since my Mum was diagnosed with COPD. She has been doing well up until now :-(

She hasn't suffered much with a cough but back in October she got a lung infection and the cough has been very persistent ever since. She had an X-ray but that came back normal but with changes. She then had to start on her 'standby' antibiotics and steroids last week because of another infection. She rang to see her doctor but couldn't get an appointment until 3rd of December!! To cut a long story short she managed to see him today and he isn't happy with the way things are going and has prescribed her with 10 days of Azithromycin and more steroids.

Has anyone else had these antibiotics?

She sees the consultant in December after the hospital lost her referral letter twice!! (the doctor referred her in April!

Some feedback on this antibiotic would be great please and whether it helped at all. Also has anyone got any tips or help with easing her cough at all? It is making her whole body ache :-( Wish I could take it away from her.

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I take it three times a week, I was prescribed it because of constant infections. It changed my life I've been so lucky I was so sick of feeling ill. Little bit of advice tell your mum to take it first thing about half hour before her other medication, I was taking everything together and it made me fill sick.

Good luck

Kim xxx


Thank you for the advice. The pharmacist advised my Mum to take it after her dinner so then if she did feel sick it would be later and she would hopefully be in bed asleep. Let's hope that works.


I take this medication every time I have an infection and keep a supply at home for emergencies. It certainly helps my infection clear up, although the last one took longer. I know it's hard for you to see your Mum suffer.....hope she is feeling a bit better now. Best wishes to you both :)

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Thank you. She only started it today so fingers crossed it works for her to.


Dear 8060,

I have had Azithromycin as part of my rescue pack but am now on a different antibiotic, I don't want to distress you or your mum but it can sometimes take several courses before things settle down, each of us who have various lung problems react in different ways to the medications. Keep her warm, lots of drinks (I drink ginger cordial, a slice of lemon and a spoon of honey win warm water, to try to keep my cough a little easier). Perhaps not lying flat in bed but having her back and head supported might help.

I hope her December visit to the consultant helps, but if there seems to be a delay with appointments don't wait around for people to contact you - contact them or their secretaries and find out why there is a delay.

Thinking of you both.



Thank you for your reply Sue. Yes you are right regarding people's different needs. She was on Augmentin and this was her regular antibiotic but like I said it didn't do much help this time round. As for the hospital I have lost count the number of times my Mum tried to phone the hospital to find out what was happening. I ended up getting in touch with PALS but they weren't much use either. Look after yourself and thank you for the advice regarding helping her cough.



Hi Kim

Sorry your Mum is having a rough time of it all, drinking plenty of fluids can help to cough up any gunk, also carbocisteine helps reduce the thickness and stickiness of any sputum making it easier to cough up. I used to nearly pass out with my coughing and choking but now i try to do the active cycle of breathing and bring the sputum up in a gentler and controlled way. Hope mum starts to feel better soon xxx


Thank you for your advice. I will pass it on to her. She drinks a lot of warm water with honey and lemon. The doctor wants her to give a sputum sample. Look after yourself.


Hi Kim 8060. The coughing needs to be controlled as it does damage. Look up active cycle of breathing to teach your mum to huff. The physio taught me that when I felt I was going to cough to firstly swallow and then breathe out hard against my palm to make the cough more gentle but also more productive. She said that when you cough your just using your throat and getting deep down in your lungs to remove gunk. Honey and lemon gargled should also give some relief. Don't let mum take cough medicines as these will stop her getting the gunk out of her lungs.

Hope that helps.



Thank you dafodil. I have passed on your advice to my mum. She is hoping the antibiotics and steroids will help. Wishing you well.



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