I am Just introducing myself as punky and saying hello. I was recently surprised to be diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema. I have enjoyed reading your posts and learned a few things in the process. Thank you for having me here . I am sure there will be plenty of good conversation. I would like to know how many people have experienced improvements in their condition through rehab and effort...

I would like to know more about the process of rehab too, like what is taught and home maintenance.

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  • I have COPD/Emphysema and bronchitic ,you welcome to this site

  • Good Morning Punky - Welcome! I care for my husband who now has severe COPD with a lung function of 27% - BUT we have a great quality of life, just a lot slower.

    I think the pulmonary rehab saved my husbands life. He did the first course about four years ago - the results were fantastic. The course runs for between 6 - 8 weeks twice a week for two hours. The first hour is monitored exercise and the second is devoted to knowledge - about how to manage COPD, medications, treatements etc. etc.

    There is usually a pre-assessment and a post assessment to measure the results. He got much fitter and could do much more - it took away some of the fear of breathlessness. He was also given a DVD to continue to exercise when the course had finished. (I have to be honest he hasnt been great at that!) The course did give him some control back and took away the fear of the unknown.

    Take good care, TAD xxx

  • Thank you for sharing this information. What I wonder is how can a person get fitter when it is a progressive disease? Curiosity is my main

  • Hi punky nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I have done rehab as well and it's very much as described though all places will vary a bit.

    You have come to the right place as this is a great site with very caring and knowledgeable folk so stick with us here. Nice to have you.

    I was diagnosed with COPD around 5 years ago but don't know whether it's chronic bronchitis or emphysema. I don't think they know :O x

  • Strange as it may sound doctors do not always I went to one rehab meeting and they said they think I ought to have oxygen. My doctor said he has to have a blood gas test first to feel comfortable ordering oxygen for me. I will say, walking was so much easier with oxygen! wow. I really didn't know I was in this bad of condition until I told someone about it! so I am still in surprised mode! I am glad I found this website family! I think it is a good fit for me!

  • Hi Punkyb,

    Have you seen the 'Exercise with a lung condition' information on our website? I have attached a couple of links you may find interesting and maybe you could call the Helpline on 03000 030 555 and have a chat with an adviser or a nurse about the management of your COPD.

    We are here 9-5pm Monday-Friday.


    Biddy (specialist adviser)

  • Thank you I will take a look!

  • Afternoon.

    Welcome to the family. I've done two PR courses and found them really good but hard work, and it's not just about learning how to exercise safely but your diet, medication and depression which does effects quite a lot of us. I try to maintain the exercise at home when I feel well. I have severe Emphysema.

    Everyone on here are wonderful and a great help when your down, so you've come to the right place for support.

    Kim xx

  • many welcomes to this site punky no doubt you have read some answers to your post I hope we can help you in your quest for the truth about your condition. Not only that but this site is rather like a big family we ask for help when the way is not clear, and then on the lighter side of things we post poetry prose jokes and pictures eyes has a way with the camera each photo she takes and shares has a meaning behind them.

    I just hope this site is what you are looking for?

  • I like poetry,,,,,i will learn to navigate this site soon...I am a little slow at it right now to start ...

  • We all were at one time or another punky and now the computer is coming into its own wow to think I used my first one in the early 80's and now I laugh when I think back to those days the internet as such was something you put the old dial type telephone handset into and the hard drive was a quarter of an hour tape which you plugged

    it into your computer

  • All for progress ! Yes I laugh when I look back too! hA ha

  • Welcome to the group :) I have COPD emphysema. I found the Rehab Clinic fabulous with lots of information, and ask at your surgery. I am naughty about the exercise and food, but I am hoping I will get better's all for our own good :p Again, welcome and do keep posting :)

  • welcome to the site punk. theres much info already on the thread, but you are guaranteed to learn a lot keeping on the site, i am an o.a.p with severe copd, with underlying illnesses ,i,e ankylosing spondylitis , heart failure etc,, but up and about ok at the moment,, enjoy the forum,,, nice to have you with us,, kindest regards jimmy

  • Hello Punky and welcome. You'll get plenty of support and advice as you learn about your disease on here, as well as a good few laughs. Stick around. x

  • Greetings and welcome to our family group.

    Stay with us ...lots to learn, lots of giggles, and always someone to talk with.


  • Hello Punky...and welcome to the group. Everyone is really nice and friendly and have loads of helpful advice...take care.

  • Thanks!

  • Hello everyone. Thank you for the warm welcome! I enjoyed every post and have already laughed and smiled. They say a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. What I have to remember is to use my albuterol. Today I went out to work on my property and I had shortness of breath. When I was done I realized ...oops! I should have used the inhaler! SO I guess that is my first step. From what I have read rehab is great and I am looking forward to great. Thank you all for the feedback. I still have to do a six minute walk test too . The biggest problem I have is, as soon as I think the word Doctor all my vitals go up up up... I have white coat syndrome bad. Well enough on one post . Thanks Again!

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