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Can you help? Do you have oxygen treatment?

We are starting a review of our information about oxygen treatment and getting oxygen at home. Our information covers who needs oxygen treatment, referral and assessment, the difference between ambulatory and long-term oxygen therapy and how it is delivered. If you have been prescribed oxygen and use oxygen cylinders, a concentrator or liquid oxygen and would be willing to give us some feedback on the information we currently produce, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email Judith Rogers - Judith.rogers@blf.org.uk - , who edits our information, and let her know your name and address so she can send you the details.

Many thanks


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Hi am on oxygen 24/7. 3lpm at rest and 8lpm when active. I have a concentrator when at home and portable cylinders when out.


Have you emailed Judith - if you are interested in helpling out?



have done so

Likewise 3lt/24 and 6lt ambulatory. Been on O2 since Dec2008. Will email Judith

Hi Everyone

Judith has aksed me to thank you all for your responses - she is so pleased with the interest you have shown in helpling with the review of the information - so much so that she has enough people to help with the oxygen information review.

However anyone else can register to to be reviewers of other materials by signing up at blf.org.uk/Page/Become-a-re...

Thanks again for all your support


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