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Anxiety and fibromyalgia

I have been through so much stress during the past 16 months, made worse by my husband nds stroke 3months ago, flaring my Fibro to unbearable levels. Been feeling quite suicidal, Dr has suggested going into a Psychiatric Hospital, but I am unsure about it, has I am 78 and I sm sure that most Mental Health places are Dementia, and I am not that.

I am so shattered and unwell, Husband would have to go back to hospital, it's like a nightmare.


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Hi Pat, so sorry to hear how much you're going through at the moment. Life can be so unfair and doctors just don't seem to have sympathy for their patients. I don't know much about mental health hospitals but I know you usually get one-to-one care. My boyfriend is a mental health support worker and has worked with dementia patients. I believe there are usually specialised units for dementia so you wouldn't just be "chucked in with them", as it were. Have you had any therapy at all or anti-depressants?

Wishing you luck, happiness and strength xx


Hi pearle,

I am feeling completely overwhelmed by anxiety, Fibro, husbands stroke, and am shattered, feel like I would like to die.

I have taken several antidepressants, just bad side effects and no benefits,

Psychiatrist said mybsystem is sensitive to meds and I was suffering from emotional distress and he thought relaxation was the answer, only I am finding it impossible to relax. The Psychologist I am seeing is very not doing me sny good,, more like a box ticking box exercise, she comes every week.

Taking care of a stroke patient is very hard work, 4 carers come in a day but have gone in a few minute, Physio's come to get him down the stairs and sitting in a chair for a few hours, but the rest is up to you.

During the night he is getting out of bed going to the toilet several times, he has a hospital bed with a air mattress, and the noise when he moves disturbs

me even though intake a sleeping tab. Next day shattered.

I am 78 and cannot take much more, husband is 82.

The Anxiety and Fibro certainly needs treatment, another problem is if I go into

Mental Hosp. He will gve to go back into Hospital, and I am sure it will effect his recovery.

The only good bit of News is that my daughter in law has this very moment given birth to a son, William Jack.



I understand how difficult it is to go on when you feel like your life isn't worth living but please be strong and keep going. There is help out there for you. Perhaps a change in psychologist? It's so unfair that these issues aren't taken seriously.

Have you thought about joining a stroke support group in your local area? This website might be able to help you They might be able to help you care for your husband and give you some much needed relaxing time to yourself. I think it's wonderful what you're doing for your husband but you deserve support and care too.

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! He is something worth living for.


dear pat I am very sorry that you find yourself in this position mate im afraid I have no answer for you I have a friend in wales who has fibro \\\ she has had a terrible couple of years mate also and im very sorry about your husband having a stroke it seems like the end of the world has come doesn't it everything seems to come at you at the same time mate but get them thoughts of suicide out of your head that's not the answer get yourself sorted out first mate then you can cope with your husband\ its no good both of you going down sick is it mate well pat I will say goodnight to you take care and if you want to write again im nearly always here so do not bottle it up mate n write about it and maybe we can make your life a little easier or happier by the way I have psp mate but I am comfortable in myself living with it peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


Hi Peterjones, sorry to hear of your health problems

Anxiety, Fibro and Grahams stroke are not a good combination, and it has taken its toll on me.

Graham had his stroke 3 months ago and visiting him everyday in hospital fir 9 weeks, and caring for him since he came home has been even harder.

We getv4visits a day from Carers, Physio's coming in everyday to get him downstairs to sit i a armchair for a few hours, then get him back to bed for the rest of the day,

Go to bed every night in agony, taje a sleeping pill, wakes me getting out of bed Several times to go to loo, gets his am and pm's mixed up. Get up in the morning to start all over again.

My Dr is good , Psychistric team not so good

We are not Spring Chickens either he is 82 and I am 78.

Some bright news did come our way today our lovely daughter in law gave birth to a son, our first grandson, they already have two girls..

I have cousins in The Top End Northern Territory, Queenslsnd and Tazmania

Take Care of yourself



Dear Pat, how terrible for you to be going through all of this and your poor husband too. Please speak to your doctor again about his suggestions and let him know your fears. As has already been said by Pearle I am sure you would never be put in with dementia patients as that is not what your problem is. I do wish you well and hope you can find a solution very soon. Take care xxxxx


Hi Sassy59

I think my Dr is trying to think what is best for me. Mental health is such a minefield for older people.

I know the Centre, I hVe been there for a group meeting earlier this year, the trouble was half if them did'nt come the second week, abd it dwindled down to me on my own one week. So it was not a success. The with it ones soon withdrew.

My Dr is good, my Psychiatric team is not so good,

Anxiety and Fibro are a nasty combination, and Graham's stroke put them into full blown force.

At the end of the day I go to bed in agony, take my sleeping pill, and Graham wakes me through going to the loo several times during the night, he has a Zimmer frame and it crashes into the doors and jakes a din, he also has a hospital bed with a air mattress which is electrically driven, the motor comes on and off all night, by morning I am a shattered mass, and face another day of the same.

After 3months of this I feel suicidal.

I have had GAD since my teens taken many. Antidepressants but had just the side effects and no benefits.

We are not Spring Chickens Graham is 82 and I am 78

Take Care,



I do wish you well Pat and hope things improve for you and your husband very soon. Take care. xxx


Hi Pat, I worked in mental health, we had 3 units, 1. for dementia men, 2. dementia women and 3. for patients suffering depression/anxiety etc etc units 1 and 2 did mix during the day only and separated at night. Unit 3. were not integrated with dementia patients. They do good work at these units and it could help you build up your strength and relax you as well as get your ailments sorted, also your husband may benefit from a hospital stay. Please consider it, if it doesn't work out you can always discharge yourself, but give it time.

good luck pat.

Thinking of you, let us know how you get on.



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