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Warning! Do you know this oxygen company?

I read a report from a BLF member last year about being scammed out of a money for a concentrator from Aeir concentrators. Since then this company has vanished and I believe they have re-branded up again under this website. I have checked with a manufacturer and they are not approved to supply their oxygen concentrators. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

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Thanks for information, you are right to be careful.

As they are only buying and selling refurbed units they do not require approval.

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Can you be more specific as I am concerned about oxygen patients buying unregulated equipment? how do you know they are only buying and selling refurbed units? and what training have they had to do this? where can they buy proper parts from?


I also share your concerns, their web site indicates they purchase used and refurb units for resale.they would be able to obtain parts from any UK based company or even direct from manufactures.

Interestenly there is no reference to the company at company house UK or Northen Ireland

The prices are not that good for the items " sold out"

The ones on offer could be tempting which could indicate a scam.

I would avoid this one.


That is what I thought. Companies have to display clarity on company registration numbers on their website along with address details.

oh honest how low will people go to have cash

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Thanks for the heads up MightyS, It might save somebody some money.


I have seen this is a copy of another I think?

BEST advice if you are thinking of buying or renting just use a well known company or check with manufacturer if they are approved. There are plenty of great companies out there. I even found several on google that offers oxygen rental services for traveling on air craft. Great!!!!

I have asked the northern island police to have a look at this web site.They said they will look into it.

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Well done trooperdog! I know I am right about this website. Let us know what they find?

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