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Hi - I have asthma and normally it doesn't cause too much of a problem for me. When I have a cold, flu or chest infection, I am highly prone to a significant drop in my peak flow. I have this problem on average only once every year to two years. Because I used to sing, my average peak flow count is around 500-600.

At the moment I'm at 200-250 and have already taken a day off work last week. Out of interest, If you was on a temporary contract at work and not paid sick leave, would you go to work today or stay at home? I am having trouble breathing while walking and have some pain in my upper back when I breathe in and out. I am going to see my doctor and intend to go to work straight after.

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I no long work but I do think you should ask your doctor for advice on this. Good luck :)

Thanks - I will. Just so worried about the lack of pay when living hand to mouth :-(

Hi in your position I would go in if I possibly could especially as you don't get paid if you don't. But it does depend on how you are feeling and no one else can really advise you on that. Good luck. x

You must put your health first and if you are not well enough to go today/tomorrow - it could make you much worse. My advise would be to look after yourself first - if that's possible! Xxx

My reg peak flow is 250-280 and it drops a lot when I get a cold. I try everything not to have sick leave and have had 3 days in 3 years. Really struggle sometimes but scared I will be sacked if I took sick leave and would never get another job

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