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Thank You

I just want to say thank you all for your kind words/thoughts on my results and to let you know that we had a fab day at the NEC B/Ham classic car day, what made it more fab was the classic motorbikes, hubby used to do motor bike/sidecar trials with his brother and to see all the bikes he raced on was great, + they had a Triumph Bonneville, his favourite at the show as he once owned one and used to ride around Bristol with Maximillano his boxer on the petrol tank,

Don't think police would appreciate that now, but it was in the days of no helmets, etc

Take care all of you and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Off to see granddaughter sunday at swimming gala. No way could I be at baths at 5.15 am twice a week, she must be keen and my son is obviously as dedicated.

Love to you all and be healthy one and all.

Thanks again


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Well Ermintrudexxx, a Bonneville motorbike that was the bees knees to own in my young days, recall riding through London on one without a crash Helmet in my dare devil younger days.No wonder you enjoyed the show,memory lane. They were made not far from the NEC in their hay day. Enjoy the swimming tomorrow with the granddaughter you sound very busy this weekend.


Yes Katie it was hubby,s second bike, his first was a Royal Enfield, they had both examples at the show and his face lit up like a kid. All the best. erme (wendy)


Hello Erme. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your day out more than you expected to. Many years ago I had a Raleigh motorcycle. In time even I was bitten by the Japanese thunder. Fantastic breakthroughs in technology and reliability and the big cut in price. Wonderful freedom that motorcycling gave us back then. Before the days of traffic congestion and polluted air. Constant craters in the road. Somehow the weather was better too back then lol


How right you are, I hated the helmets, so claustrophobic but of course necessary more so nowadays with the speed and volume of traffic. The good old days eh!


Yep. Even the music was better.


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