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has anyone else having trouble getting the drug xolair,i suffer with allergic asthma and copd,I have been turned down 2 times now,i am 54 years old and worked all my life and all I want to do is carrying on working but 2 years ago I had a chest infection and never really got over it which is making it difficult to work because now my asthma is no longer under control,i was told xolair would work wonders for me but twice they said I don't fit the criteria and I feel the care I get off my gp and my consultant is just not good enough

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Hi Moonwoolf,

I was turned down for Xolair 5 years ago, even though my asthma nurse and asthma doctor said I was a candidate for it and met the criteria.

I was finally put on it March 2013, as I am on maximum meds, there was no other alternative to help me.

It has helped keep me out of hospital, I did have a bout of pneumonia since.

I have had fewer exacerbations and with other inhalers my peak flows are staying steady. I am also feeling a lot better in myself, although I am often troubled with a cough, I'm not bringing up phlegm etc.

A lot is also to do with the cost, £300 each and I have 4 every 4 weeks, as improvements were shown in the 16 week review, and I had no adverse reactions to it, I was told they would keep me on it.

Keep asking for it


I was part of the trial for Xolair approx. 14 years ago,I then suffered from allergic asthma, for me it was a wonder drug. We were told that once the drug was licensed those that had taken part in the trial could go onto it. When it was licensed that did not happen. I was told that it was a very expensive drug the injections could only be administered by a doctor, and that in order to be considered you had to have been an inpatient for at least three times in the previous year. I was very disappointed, my husband wrote to the consultant who was in charge at the hospital, but was told that it was the government that had set the rules because of the expense.


Banging my head against a brick wall trying to be put onto xolair can't work at the moment because of constant chest infections and of course the pollen season,I am beginning to think I have got no were else to turn to


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