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young people with COPD

I've been thinking about why there is a new younger demographic diagnosed with COPD.

What has changed in the last 20 years with culture?

In regards to marijuana in culture, the 60's and 70's did not have high pressure sodium lights which enabled a whole new way of growing pot hydroponically.

The 60's and 70's pot was milder, with less tar content, and was generally administered in joints.

Tally Ho!

When pot started growing hydroponically, under sodium bulbs, the potency increased dramatically along with higher tar content.

On top of this, administration with glass water pipes was more common in the younger generations.

And on top that, mixing tobacco and smoking it unfiltered is pretty standard.

This to me would explain why we have a younger demographic with COPD.

Another factor I know that would contribute is the higher levels of pollution these days and more people living in urban areas.

What do you think?

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Not only is it stronger I understand "from the street" that it also sometimes comes with add-ons to increase potency? When a cigarette is inhaled though a filter it is a lot cooler than marijuana which burns at a far higher temperature. This factor alone can cause a far higher risk to the delicate lungs.

One extra factor was the reducing it to a Class C, small use resulting a little to no action being taken which may have increased usage.

marijuana has a medical use and can ease a lot of suffering as long as it administered in a safe way from a known source. Not forgetting the American Indians used it in their peace pipes for good reason.

Be Well


Are you saying the Indians were peaceful Offcut? :d x


Fundamentally they were it was their land to start with after all. They did not get equal rights in the USA until 1955!


We went over there and slaughtered them. Their reservations are few and far between, they are still treated very badly, and a lot of them suffer from alcoholism. Shame on us. :(

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Aboriginals have the same problem.


I was 42 when I was diagnosed with COPD I thought that was bad but I know people are getting younger this is sad I feel really sorry for anyone younger than me that is diagnosed

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But you don't think it is a knowledge thing rather than an increase in the disease? To me, these days more people are being checked younger hence more diagnosis. I had no idea one could get emphysema less than say 60 until my doc sent me for spirometry the other day. I'm 36 and I had flat out no idea it was this common or prevalent.


I really don't know Emccorm but I saw a programme on TV the other night and it was about diesel cars during Mr Brown and Mr Blair they forced companies to lese diesel cars because they were cleaner it was also cheaper so companies could not claim so much tax back. They are now saying that diesel is dangerous to our health and London is the worst place to live so I think it is the way we live and not all to do with smoking


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