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Finally Results

As promised, originally for Wednesday, after many phone calls finally today got my results.

1. CT scan showed I have mild emphasema, which I have to be honest was a bonus as I had thought it would be severe, that was a +

2. But the let down was I failed my flight test, sats dropped to 74, and I was advised my body is not exchanging gases correctly, (carbon dioxide read 6.8, acceptable is 6,) and carbon dioxide builds up. But I was advised on Tuesday to reduce my overnight oxygen from 2lpm to 1.5lpm and my headaches have stopped.

Overall I feel pleased but devastated I cannot fly without oxygen. We are thinking about a cruise but I still have a lung function test and a respiratory physio test 24/11/14 and 10/12/14, then I will see the consultant.

I have many questions, i.e. I desaturate at night and after being on oxy all night my sats can read 88, I can work in the garden 2/3 hours take sats and it can read 91/92? I have had sats reading 83/84 and I still feel fine, I don't seem to conform to the norm.

Anyway folks I am off to the NEC Birmingham Friday to the classic car show, not really my scene but hubby likes that sort of thing and as you all know our partners do put up/support us with a lot when we are unwell.

So all health unlockers have a good Friday, take care and bless you.



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That's sounds like good results! Mild emphysema, glad that the headaches have stopped at night - another plus. Don't worry about not flying without oxygen lots of people seem to fly ok with oxygen. My husband was relieved - he always hated the stress of flying!!! You are not fitting the norm are you? But you must feel relieved you seem to have a good medical team around you. Sorry about the car show - sort of thing I have to get through - the joys of marriage!!!! Take good care, lots of love TAD xx


Hi Erme. Glad to hear your COPD is mild. Turning down the oxygen and lowering your CO2 is the best way of getting rid of headaches. Very glad to hear that they were nothing more sinister. Been there, very frightening. Getting insurance sorted for flying on oxygen isn't too horrendous. Plenty of members have posted about that here. Getting the oxygen supplied is the harder part from what I understand.

Enjoy the Show ;-) Rib


Sounds really good! :)


Hi Ermintrude,I recently read a great book by Francesca Martinez called "What the xxxx is normal".It,s well written and really funny.Certainly with lung desease I,m not sure if there is a norm.A year ago I stopped taking aminophyline as it had no effect,started back on it 5 weeks ago and it,s working,making it easier to breathe and even easier to come off the steroids iVe been trying to get off all year.No logic at at all!Good news on the emphysema,I,m very severe.Wishing you all the best.Regards D.


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